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9 Must-Have Winter Car Care Essentials

05 November 2018

We all used to love heavy snowfall and frozen puddles as kids, so why don’t we feel the same as adults? The answer’s pretty obvious – they make for some horrific driving conditions and can play havoc with our vehicles

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to look out of your window at a beautiful blanket of white and feel something other than dread? As the cold weather draws in, you can at least take a step in the right direction by stocking up on products that will make life easier when driving in icy conditions.

Here are 9 winter car care essentials to help you prepare for that first frost.

New Wiper Blades


Dirty slush, salt and grit can heavily affect visibility, which often proves extremely dangerous – particularly when driving on motorways. It’s definitely a good idea to stay one step ahead of the weather and invest in brand new wiper blades, even if your old ones still seem reasonably serviceable; you really need to be able to get the best out of them in all weathers. RAC provides high quality and affordable Wiper Blades that come in 18”, 20”, 22” or 24” to fit any car model.

A Good Ice Scraper


It’s not fun to hurry around your car on a freezing morning dragging a scraper across your windows and getting wet, numb hands. But leaving your vision obscured by ice is a hundred times worse.

The best move is to get yourself a scraper than does an excellent job in half the time, letting you jump straight into the driver’s seat. RAC comes up trumps again here with its Ice Scraper, featuring a wide-angled head for better access and coverage, sturdy construction and a handle specially crafted to improve comfort and grip. There are also ways to prevent your windscreen from getting too icy in the first place…

A Windscreen Protector


To save your hands and keep the worst of the cold weather from getting to your vehicle, it’s worth considering a high quality windscreen protector. The RAC Windscreen Frost Protector fits most car models and can be attached using suction cups pressed against the glass, and by hooking each side onto the wing mirrors with specially designed velcro fixings. It could save you an awful lot of time and stress on icy days!

De-Icer and Screenwash



You can never have enough de-icer. We recommend getting as many bottles as you can before the cold really sets in, as once winter is in full swing, they’re likely to be cleared out from the local shops by panic buyers! CarPlan Demon Ice is a great option, as it’s possible to apply it the night before to prevent ice forming in the first place – but it also works as a quick de-icer in the morning before you set off.

Or you could try CarPlan Demon Freeze, a high performance “extreme” screenwash which melts ice from your windscreen while driving and also prevents freezing in both the tank and pipes. It’s been tested in temperatures as low as -20 degrees celsius and still works a treat.



Disparate temperatures on the outside and inside of your car can lead to the windscreen and other windows fogging up – making it extremely hard to see. This can potentially be exceptionally dangerous, and adjusting the ventilation in the car may not work in time.

The best option is to invest in some a good Anti-Fog application. We recommend Rain-X Anti-Fog – all you need to do is rub it on the inside of your windows and condensation will be magically repelled! You can also use it on shower screens and bathroom mirrors! The effects last for ages too.

Heated Seat Cushions

If your car doesn’t have heated seats, it’s likely this makes no difference to you throughout most of the year. However, once the cold nights draw in, you might just find yourself craving a little extra warmth when on the chilly drive to and from work.
Luckily, this RAC Heated Seat Cushion can be quickly installed whenever you need them. It plugs into any car 12V port, and its effect is felt instantly. From there, you can control the temperature yourself, and a built in thermostat will prevent any overheating – so you can sit back and relax.

Rock Salt

Icy and snowy driveways are utterly treacherous, and it can sometimes be difficult to see where the worst patches are. Combat slippery tarmac by spreading Bluecol Rock Salt generously around the area your car will need to navigate. This will melt ice and stop future freezing, improving your safety. Lay it on paths and steps too to prevent anyone slipping while on foot.

Bulb Changing Kit


The darkness draws in much more quickly at this time of year, and your headlamps and are bound to be under a little more pressure than usual. There’s nothing scarier than getting caught out on an unlit road with blown lights. That’s why it’s important to always carry a bulb kit with you. The RAC has a great Universal Car Bulb Kit that contains bulbs, fuses and everything you need to get your lights back to rights, whatever you drive.

Jump Leads

Cars work harder in winter, so the threat of a breakdown is much higher throughout the colder months. Investing in a jumpstart kit may prove to be a life-changing decision. This RAC 5-in-1 Jump Start not only gets your vehicle going again in seconds, but also features an air compressor, LED worklight, USB charger and 12v DC Plug.

Don’t get caught out by the winter weather – check out your local B&M branch or head to our website to discover what else you can do to protect your vehicle and make driving in the ice and snow a little more comfortable.

B&M Top Tip: once you’re done weatherproofing your car, why not do the same for yourself? We have a full range of HEATsaver thermal wear, including cosy hats, gloves, snoods and scarves, all specially designed to keep the cold out.

Remember to share your tips and cheats for keeping your car and driveway frost free – and your engine starting first time – with the B&M online community via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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