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9 Storage Solutions for a Tidy Home

15 January 2020

January is the best month to get your home in order. The New Year gives us fresh opportunity for a good clear out, to get the house clean and tidy, as well as a chance to pick out the useful and the useless from the Christmas fallout!

So it’s just as well you can pick up all the storage solutions you need to get your home back to normal at B&M: from under bed storage boxes and furniture, to decorative tubs and baskets, and much more!

Decorative Storage

Storage boxes don’t have to be big and bulky. Sometimes they’re pretty and perfect for your chosen home décor.

Like our Foil Leaf Print Storage Basket, which comes in Duck Egg & Gold, as well as Grey & Gold. For something a bit louder, the Crinkle Velvet Storage Basket in Blush is great for newspapers and magazine storage in the living room, or under your coffee table.

And if your Christmas went anything like ours, you’ll have been inundated with bath bombs, smellies sets and fragrances.

Why not keep them all in one easy-to-access Slogan Plastic Storage Tub? It comes in three printed slogans in a brilliant white colourway: Tidy, Sparkle and Kitchen.

Storage Furniture

If you’re the proud parents of one or more toddlers or teens, then it’s likely that Santa was very busy at your house in the early hours of Christmas Day. If you’ve more toys than you know what to do with, our Dinosaur 9 Tub Storage Drawers are perfect, keeping kids’ bedrooms tidy and their favourite new toys well within reach.

If it’s somewhere to keep those bits and bobs that don’t really have a permanent place to live yet, then the Nautical 6 Drawer Chest makes a great temporary home. USB cables, phone chargers, bills you don’t want to pay right away or the final resting place for dead batteries, there’s a drawer for everything!

And for a stylish addition to your living room furniture, the Round Velvet Storage Ottoman doubles up as an extra seat for your next family gathering.

B&M Top Tip: if you’re looking for more stylish and practical storage solutions, take a look at our huge range of shelving, including standalone cases and floating wall shelves.

Storage Boxes

Ah, the trusty see-through storage box. Where would we be without it? Or the fifty-or-so that each household across the UK has dotted around in lofts, basements, toy rooms, spare rooms, conservatories or stuffed at the back of wardrobes?

Not just extremely practical, it’s also easy to identify what you’ve packed away, be it Christmas decorations, old toys and games, cleaning supplies, important documents, football trophies you’ve been asked to throw away or old photographs.

Our Extra Large Storage Box has a massive 80L capacity, while our Jumbo Underbed Storage Box is (you guessed it) perfect for those under-the-bed things you don’t want to see but need quick access to.

And for anything that might not stay in one place for 11 months of the year, there’s the Deluxe Storage Box with Wheels. Ideal for garden tools and accessories, like plant pots, sieves and kneelers which need to go with you on trips around the garden.

Have you started your big January tidy up yet? Show us your spotless living rooms and organised kitchens on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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