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A Parents' Guide to At Home Staycations

12 June 2020


If your family is unable to holiday abroad this year, it may be a disappointing realisation at first - but there are many ways in which you can turn it to your advantage!

Staycations at home are not only safe and comfortable, they’re also an effective way of saving money. Even a weekend at a simple bed and breakfast can set you back a few hundred pounds - so why not relish the cost reduction?

Read on to find out how you can make the most of holidaying at home.

Bring the Spa to You

Home spa days are brilliant. They usually cost much less, you’re in a familiar environment and you can tailor all products and treatments to your own tastes.

First pick out some heavenly scented candles. We love chamomile and ginger for relaxation and refreshment - or honeysuckle and jasmine for sweet and sultry notes.

Achieve glossy sunshine holiday locks by applying an indulgent hair mask and nourish your skin with a soothing face peel.

B&M Top Tip: Yearning for that beachside glow? You can still achieve it by applying instant tan with a mitt.

Indulge in Great Food

Research the dishes you’d usually enjoy abroad and recreate them at home - or add your own twist!

Invoke Asia with crisp, fragrant spring rolls or samosas, simulate a French boulangerie with some cakes and pastries, or head to the med with a pizza platter.

B&M Top Tip: Invest in the little details, such as the right cooking oils, to make your experience more authentic.

Treat Yourself to Cocktails

Turn your living room into the coolest cocktail bar in town! Pick your favourite spirits and browse the internet for the most delicious mixes.

For something quick and easy, you can get pre-prepared cocktails and mixer sets too.

B&M Top Tip: Why not include some mocktails for the kids?

Keep the Family Entertained

Make sure there’s always a range of fun activities close to hand. Many of the things you can do at home are either very cheap or totally free.

Explore local hiking trails for a taste of the great outdoors. Spend a day at a nearby park with a picnic. Plan themed movie nights.

You could also earmark a little “quiet time” for the end of each day, where you can all curl up with a good book.

Try New Activities

A holiday at home is a great way to find a new hobby.

Why not set up arts and crafts days where the family can explore different sketching or painting techniques? You could also pick up a musical instrument or learn to knit or crochet.

Consider different sports too - you could invest in a garden football set or learn to hula hoop!

Change the Scenery

Staring at the same four walls of your home can get pretty boring. Instead, you could book a few day trips or explore the parts of your local area that you don’t know very well.

B&M Top Tip: You could even revise something about your home to make it feel new and exciting. For example, a fire pit on your patio might encourage the family to spend more time outdoors.

Make the most of staying at home this year by indulging in home spa treatments, exploring exotic dishes, trying a few cocktails, planning fun activities and exploring.

If you plan to spend plenty of time in the garden, you should check out our range of outdoor toys and activities.

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