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Accessorising Your Kitchen with a Rustic Theme

12 May 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home so it’s understandable that you want it to be a cosy, inviting space where you instantly feel comfortable. One of the easiest ways to achieve this feeling is with rustic, farmhouse décor that works just as well in a modern property as it does somewhere more traditional.

The good news is that achieving a rustic look doesn’t require a full overhaul of the space. In fact, you can achieve the same look through just a handful of kitchen accessories – here’s how.

Add Interest with Patterns

Patterns are a fun way to brighten up a space, but they’re not just for the walls. Think outside the box and add pops of colour through accessories such as tea towels, table runners, tablecloths and utensil holders, or even with patterned fabric cupboards or under-sink skirts to conceal less aesthetic areas.

You can also use wallpaper in more unique ways such as for backing glass-fronted cabinets that provides a way of incorporating colour without it being too overwhelming. It also means that if you fancy a switch up of colours, or you get tired of the pattern, it’s easy and affordable to change it up without needing to redecorate the whole room.

Mix Materials

A rustic kitchen should never feel too ‘done’, so use this opportunity to mix up materials and textures for a more lived-in feel. Your kitchen décor should feel as though it’s been accumulated over decades, not picked up in a single day, and mixing materials can help you achieve this with ease.

Create a colour palette that you enjoy and find pieces that make you smile for a look that’s cohesive but varied. For example, you might pick up some vintage-inspired glasses or pastel-coloured casserole dishes that add a spot of colour to the centre of a dining table.

Include Wooden Elements

Wood effortlessly creates a rustic feel to a kitchen, and with so many types and shades to choose from, from ash and oak to deep, earthy walnut, it’s an easy way to accessorise the kitchen you already have.

From wooden cupboard handles and worktops to bowls, utensils and serving boards, wood evokes a natural country feel to your home and the natural grain patterns add character to your kitchen. For a homely, rustic kitchen, look to natural materials that are unique and unmanicured, with wood being your primary focus.

Give Old Furniture a New Lease of Life

Classic furniture, whether a hand-me-down from a family member or a thrifted piece from a car boot sale, can add personality to your kitchen and works wonders when it comes to creating that traditional feel.

Browse your local flea market or charity shop for pieces such as cabinetry or bar stools and chairs that can be cleaned up or repainted for a fresh take on an old classic. These pieces have a story to tell and add so much more charm to your kitchen, plus they’re practical additions.

Display Your Belongings with Open Shelving

Open shelving is a wonderful décor feature and if you’re the proud owner of beautiful cutlery and baking equipment, what better way to display it? 

From glasses to cookware, jars filled with baking ingredients and even saucepans and mixing bowls, you can use open shelving to display all manner of kitchen equipment for an instant throwback to traditional kitchens.

Utilise Your Ceiling 

In rustic kitchens, minimalism is out and maximising every inch of space is in. From hanging pots and pans from the ceiling on a metal pot rack, to installing a kitchen maid clothes airer to dry your clothes the old fashioned way, your ceiling provides valuable space that should be put to good use.

When choosing features, think cast iron, brass-finished steel or hammered metals that add a classic look but are also more durable and hardwearing. Not only are these features a common occurrence in rustic kitchens, they also make your kitchen a more practical space too.

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Final Thoughts

When you think of a rustic, traditional kitchen, the likes of shaker-style cabinetry, ceramic butler sinks and vast range cookers probably spring to mind. But it’s possible to achieve a farmhouse aesthetic with just the use of accessories and considered design.

In fact, by adding hints of metals and woods, warm and textured natural materials, and pastel colour schemes, you can evoke the feeling of a cosy country kitchen even in a modern home.

Including accessories from our Home & Furniture range is a surprisingly simple way to add a rustic touch to your kitchen. We'd love to see how you’ve added a rustic edge to your kitchen! Share your buys with the B&M Community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

This blog was written exclusively for B&M Lifestyle by interior design specialist, Kelly Edwards.

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