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Back to School: Top Trending Pencil Cases at B&M

09 August 2018

It might not seem too long since the last school bell rang out to signal the end of the year, but did you know there's less than 4 weeks to go until the new school year starts!?

Now is the perfect time to get ready and make sure your little one is prepared for the new term in September. They'll need uniform, shoes, stationery and perhaps most importantly, they’ll need a brand new pencil case to show off to their classmates!

Take a look at some of B&M's best back to school pencil cases for 2018.

Printed Watermelon

This see-through pink watermelon case is so mouth-wateringly cute we can’t stop drooling over it.

Shaped exactly like a slice of watermelon, this is perfect for taking back to school for the new term. Even better than its refreshing shape, the contents can be seen clearly, so no more rooting around looking for a specific pencil – you’ll be able to see it right away!

Smiley World Oval

For an even more colourful pencil case, check out this Smiley World design!

The oval-shaped case will keep safe all their pens, pencils, erasers and so much more. It has a large opening zip with smiley face grip accessory to make it even easier to open.

Green Camo Sporty Mix

A cool and dark pencil case with a sturdy structure. The green camo is our favourite of the Sporty Mix designs, but there are also football and skulls designs to pick from, depending on what you're little genius is into.

B&M Top Tip: did you know we also sell pens, pencils, lunch bags, backpacks and school shoes & socks? Browse the whole Back to School range now!

Harry Potter

A magical pencil case for a Potter-mad pupil! This Harry Potter case is perfect for muggles, wizards and witches who need a place to store their stationery.

Are you Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? Whichever you prefer, this is the pencil case you need if you want to achieve at Hogwarts!

Glimmer & Glitter

A fancy, glittery pencil case that glimmers in the light is ideal for the glamorous student.

This vibrant and fun-looking case has lots of space inside to store everything in your stationery set.

B&M Top Tip: There are four different colours and designs to choose from, with Gold, Rose Gold and more!


One of our favourite pencil cases at B&M is the Pringles can. With three different designs (or flavours!) available, you can pick your favourite and make all of your friends jealous.

A top-opening zip means you look down at all of your stationery, making it easier to pick out what you need.

Zip It Jumbo Pouch

The craziest pencil case ever! The Zip It Jumbo Pouch has a super long zip that completely unravels, while only opening it a little bit makes it look like a monster has eaten all of your pens and pencils.

There’s plenty of choice too: six different colours with their own unique attitude.

Fluffy Barrel

This colourful pencil case is so fluffy, you’ll never want to stop stroking it! I mean, just look! Look how FLUFFY it is!

The zip is hidden beneath the fluff but, fortunately, there’s a pom-pom handle for you to open it up. And there's still plenty of space to hold all their school stationery.

Have you already picked your new pencil case? If so, let the B&M community know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!