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B&M’s Big Clean: 6 Cleaning Essentials to Get You Autumn-ready

16 September 2019

Summer giving way to autumn brings many changes. Leaves change colour and fall from their trees. The temperature starts to drop (sometimes dramatically!). The nights draw in, and getting up in the morning becomes a near-impossible task!

Naturally, we retreat into our homes to stay warm and comfortable. So it's important to have it looking its very best from top to bottom.

Which is why we've put together a list of the best cleaning essentials available at your local B&M, helping you get your house in tip-top-shape for all the wonderful upcoming autumn and winter festivities (don't worry, we won't mention the C word just yet!).

Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser 500ml

Sometimes all your kitchen and bathroom surfaces need is a bit of Elbow Grease.

So it's handy that Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser is available in an easy to use trigger spray bottle! Ideal for fabrics, metals and plastics, there's no kitchen or bathroom surface that won't love it's TLC.

Minky Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pads 3pk


Finding the right balance between powerful cleaning and gentle application can be tough. But the Minky M Cloth manages to combine amazing scrubbing power with gentle, non-scratch technology.

Perfect for all-round, everyday cleaning on a whole host of surfaces, from kitchen worktops and bathroom tiles to non-stick pans and much more!

Domestos Bleach 750ml

Perfect for toilets and sinks, Domestos Bleach kills all known germs dead. This versatile cleaner is a staple of any household cleaning inventory and can be used all over the house to clean drains, toilet rims, sinks and even as a floor cleaner when combined with hot water.

Febreze Fabric Lavender 500ml

As I'm sure you'll already know, Febreze and Lenor do a great job on their own, but put them together and you'll find they make a great team.

Febreze fabric freshener is combined with a beautiful Lenor fragrance, giving your the power of fresh lavender at your fingertips. Apply to absorbent fabrics like sofas, cushions and curtains to eliminate everyday domestics odours, like pets and cooking.

Fairy Non Bio Pods 60pk


There's nothing worse than running out of laundry detergent, especially when you've got the kids' school uniforms to wash for the following day!

Fairy Non Bio Pods are available in a handy 60 pack, making sure you're well stocked for busy weekends of washing. With it's new gentle formula, you can be sure the family's clothes will be huggably soft and gentle on sensitive skin.

Lenor Fabric Conditioner 1.9L

Lenor's multi-sensorial scents are inspired by the latest trends. Gold Orchid is a seductive fragrance infused with vanilla, mimosa, honey rose and peach. The result? Clean clothes that give you longer-lasting softness with every wear.

Have you found a super way of efficiently cleaning your home? If so, let the B&M community know on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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