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B&M's Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning

23 March 2018

Are you in the mood for some spring cleaning? If not, you’re not alone! Many of us struggle to properly clean the house from top to bottom, but it is well worth it, especially if you have pets that like to make a mess! If you’ve left your house to languish and it’s looking like a bit of a bomb site, then it might be time to don the marigolds and get to work.

The most difficult part is where to start. Do you go for the room that's in the most need of some TLC? Literally work from the top of the house to the bottom? It’s all in the planning and will depend on the size and shape of your household. Read on to find out the best ways to tackle your home and get it looking slick this spring.


Tick off each of your rooms whilst you're cleaning. If it's a big job, your checklist will give you something visual to track your progress.

Depending on how big or small your home is will indicate how long you might have to spend getting it back to its rightful self, though there are some things you can do to make sure you make your time cleaning as efficient as possible:

  • Make a checklist - every house is different, but a productive way of cleaning is to make a checklist with everything that needs to be done in each room. That way you can tick off each item and move onto the next room, feeling satisfied you’ve ticked off another area of the house
  • Get a cleaning caddy - if you’re planning on cleaning multiple rooms in a day, it might be best to have a cleaning caddy with all of your supplies, or even just a carrier bag so you can move between rooms without balancing cleaning sprays, cloths, surface wipes and a dustpan & brush on your head!
  • Everyone should chip in - the phrase ‘many hands make light work’ is appropriate here, especially when your home is looking in disarray due to messy pets, children, mum, dad or all of the above. As much as they might hate it, getting everyone to chip in and clean up together is a surefire way of getting the house spotless in no time

Stock up on Supplies

Stock up on essential cleaning supplies so that you can dust, wipe and scrub your home until it is sparkling.

Is your cleaning cupboard looking a little bare? Well you've come to the right place. It's worth stocking up before you start so that you have everything you need for a thorough clean. Luckily at B&M, you won't have to break the bank! Here are the essentials:

  • Cloth and Duster - whether you prefer a microfibre cloth or a blue j-cloth, you will need something to wipe stubborn grime off your surfaces. A dusting cloth is also needed to pick up thick dust on forgotten edges
  • Antibacterial Spray and Furniture Polish - while furniture polish will remove the top layer of dust, a multipurpose spray such as Cif Ultrafast will get rid of stubborn grime and rim marks
  • Cleaning Wipes - an alternative throwaway option is using cleaning wipes, that should pick up dust and grime all in one. For laminate flooring, try these Sparkle & Shine cleaning wipes
  • Bleach - one of the less attractive cleaning jobs is the toilet, which will need at least freshening up. Try using our Easy Bleach Original to neutralise germs, before using a toilet freshener to keep your loo smelling a bit more fragrant

B&M Top Tip - get yourself a pair of rubber gloves to save your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals or particularly grubby areas of the house

Get the Right Equipment

When it comes to bigger areas such as the carpet, stairs or laminate floor, make sure you have the best equipment that will make your cleanup operation even easier.

Now that you’ve got everything you need to clean surfaces and remove dust, you will also need electrical appliances to help you clean larger areas in the house.

Have you started spring cleaning yet? Share all your best before and after pictures over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for everyone to see!

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