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Be Safe in the Sun: 6 Steps to Avoiding Sunburn

23 May 2018

The sun is back and the temperature is heating up, which means holidays at the beach, fun days out at the park and carefree afternoons in the garden are finally here!

But it's important to remember how harmful too much sun can be. A survey carried out by Direct Line last year found that over a third of Brits suffered from sunburn from July 2016 - July 2017.

So whether you’re sunbathing, enjoying a rare BBQ or playing sports, it's important to make sure you protect your skin. Follow our helpful steps below to ensure you avoid painful sunburn and get an even, healthy tan instead.

1. Understand Your Tanning Time

Don’t assume that lying under direct sunlight for hours at a time makes your tan any darker or stronger. It’s quite the opposite, actually!

Your skin reaches a certain point where it cannot produce anymore melanin and it's at this point that you will start to burn.

Sunbathe for up to an hour before taking a little break in the shade. Doing this consistently creates an even tan without risk of burning or damaging your skin.

2. Pay Attention to Sun Cream Numbers

The SPF number isn’t always what you should base your sun cream use on. Look for high UVA protection (the more stars, the higher the protection) or the term, ‘broad spectrum’, on the bottle.

They offer the greatest protection from the sun, while still allowing your skin to tan.

Try P20's Factor 30 Sun Cream, which features a 'high' protection.

B&M Top Tip: to get to know your UVA from your UVB, visit the BAD website for more information (they're the UK's skin experts!)

3. Don't Forget to Reapply

Reapply sun cream generously every couple of hours and every time after you’ve finished swimming.

Keeping a fresh layer on your skin provides the greatest possible protection from the sun.

Some lotions, like Calypso Press & Protect Factor 15, are ideal as they leave a non-greasy layer on your skin.

B&M Top Tip: Don’t forget to protect your eyes. Wear a hat and sunglasses that provide UVA/UVB protection while sunbathing.

4. Top-up Your Sun Cream, as Well as Your Tan

As well as reapplying regularly, it's important to top-up your sun cream every year. Lotions and sprays have a shelf life, and their protective qualities weaken over time.

Despite this, every year millions of Brits dust off last year's bottle and slap it on for protection. The truth is, you won't be getting the same level of protection you were 12 months ago, so make sure you have a fresh supply for each holiday.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliate regularly to remove any dead or dirty skin. Anything on the surface that isn’t good for your skin will block the sun’s rays and prevent an even tan.

6. Remember to Shower

Make sure you shower after sunbathing in either hot or cold water. It will remove all of the lotion, oils, salt or sand from your skin, leaving a luxurious silky look and feel.

Be sure to moisturise, or use After Sun once you’ve dried off, otherwise your bronze tan will become patchy – and no one wants that!

Do you have any sun care tips of your own? Let the B&M community know on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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