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Be the Best You with B&M's Mo Farah Fitness Range

17 December 2018

Feeling like you might not be quite in top form after Christmas? You’re not the only one! We all love to relax with our loved ones and indulge in some seriously delicious food and drink, and the festive season is the perfect excuse to give ourselves a well-deserved break. Come the new year, however, many of us plan to hit the ground running. But how to get started?

Why not take some inspiration from Sir Mo Farah, Britain’s most successful track athlete in modern Olympic history? B&M stocks a whole line of Mo Health products, championed by the star runner, to help you get back in shape the healthy way.

Kitchen Accessories and Appliances

Goodmans Mo Farah blend and go

Food and drink prep is one of the most effective ways to follow a healthier diet and ensure you can cram as many vitamins and minerals into one day as possible! The Mo Health Blend & Go is an easy-clean smoothie and shake maker that you can use to create delicious healthy drinks. Add all your favourite ingredients, including whey protein powder, to give your body a boost. The Blend & Go comes with two sport bottles with leak-proof lids, so you can blend straight into a container and carry it with you to take on the day.

Low fat air fryer

The Mo Health Range also offers two different types of Air Fryer. The larger multi-tier Low Fat Air Fryer comes with a 17L capacity, triple cooking power and browning, roasting and flavour enhancement capabilities, while the 1.5L Compact Air Fryer allows you to create individual meals and snacks. Both items utilise rapid air circulation to heat food quickly and require little or no oil to work, meaning no fat is added to your food so it can be cooked the healthy way.


Mo Farah Protein cookie

If you’re craving a little something to keep you going, reaching for crisps and biscuits can be only too tempting. However, the Mo Health Range can provide you with a much more wholesome alternative. Replace sugary cereals with Mo’s protein enhanced Wheat Biscuits for a low calorie alternative that helps you fuel the growth and repair of your muscles as part of an active lifestyle, while the Double Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie is a delicious healthy alternative to naughty treats!


Protein shake Mo Farah

Grab a Mo Protein Strawberry Flavour Protein Shake to top up your intake throughout the day and keep building those muscles! There are 26 grams of protein in one bottle, providing you with over half of your recommended daily amount. 

The range also features Mo Energy Isotonic Sports Drinks in both Orange and Mixed Berry flavours, which will help you to replenish electrolytes after a workout while enjoying a refreshing and fruity taste.

Additional Protein

Perfect to add to smoothies along with other food and drink, whey protein powders are the ever-popular solution to boost your intake of amino acids and nutrients - enhancing the effects of a good exercise regime and healthy meal plan. B&M stocks Mo Protein powders in two delicious flavours - strawberry and chocolate!

B&M Top Tip: For tips on how to keep yourself healthy and happy throughout the year, why not follow the Health and Wellbeing blog on the Lifestyle section of our website?

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