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Best of B&M's Artificial Christmas Trees: Here's Why You Should Fake it This Year

07 December 2017

Christmas is just a matter of weeks away so it’s time to start decorating your home with all things festive.

There's lots to be done, but first thing's first: the Christmas tree! Ignore the sparkling outdoor lights and Santa decorations around your home for now. The tree is the focal point of your Christmas decorations, so it's worth getting right.

Whether you're after a small space-saver or a glistening giant to take up a corner of your room, we’ve got you covered.

7ft Copenhagen Pre-Lit Tree - £100


We may as well start with the giant, sparkling stunner. This 7ft Copenhagen Pre-Lit Tree features decorative snow, berries and pinecones, giving it multiple dimensions.

With approximately 930 tips on the tree, there is an incredible amount of space to hang baubles and other decorations, so pick your colour theme and start decorating!

7ft Deluxe Sherwood Pre-Lit Tree - £70


The Sherwood tree is a gorgeous green. It looks just like the real thing, while its size will also dominate any room it stands in.

Its 946 tips are more than the stunning Copenhagen, while it also includes around 240 warm white-coloured LED lights. With a Christmasssy glow all of its own, you won't need to add any extra lights and can focus solely on your baubles and hanging decs!

6ft Pre-Lit Aspen Tree - £50


Another classic look with the Aspen tree but at a more modest size of 6ft, compared to the Sherwood and Copenhagen giants.

There are a grand 180 LED lights attached to the tree and still over 700 tips available to hang decorations from.

It’s a substantial size but a much more natural fit for a standard-sized living room. We think it's just right!

6ft White Christmas Tree - £12


Looking to make a big statement this year? This unique white Christmas tree will really stand out and make your festive budget go even further. At just £12 you'll have plenty left over for all your tree decorations and LED lights with which to make it sparkle. The White Christmas Tree is also available in natural green and or an imposing black.

It might not feature LED lights but with over 400 tips, there's plenty of space to showcase your unique personality, with baubles, tinsel and much more to match.

2ft Pre-Lit Sparkling Pinecone Christmas Tree - £12.99


If you don't have the room for a 7 foot giant, or still feel a 6ft option is too big, then we do have the more modest-sized 2ft trees.

This particular Pre-Lit Pinecone Tree can comfortably sit in most places in your home, even on sideboards in your living room.

It features 30 warm white LED lights as well as a gorgeous hessian base.

Why Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree?

Wondering whether to get an artificial or real tree at Christmas this year? Let us tell you the great benefits behind your decision to 'fake it' this year:

  • More cost-effective
  • Flame-retardant
  • Pet-friendly
  • No maintenance required (they never get thristy!)
  • No expiration date
  • No pine needles to pick up (and prick yourself with!)
  • Use it again next year - and the year after!

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? If so, why not show the B&M Community over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

*Prices correct as of 07/12/17.


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