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Budget Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

02 May 2017

Here at B&M, we think that small rooms are nice and cosy, but they do pose one problem… storage space. Finding places to store your worldly goods in a less-than-large room can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible!

For all of you out there looking for storage solutions for small spaces, here are some essential solutions which will breath new life into your bedroom, kids’ room or living room.

Kids’ Cabin Bed - £169.99

Kids' Cabin Bed


We all know that kids can sometimes be… shall we say… a bit on the messy side. That’s why it’s essential to have lots of storage space so that your little ones (or you!) can find it easier to put their toys and books away once they’ve finished with them.

We absolutely love this cabin bed! Not only is it one of the best small bedroom storage ideas we’ve seen in a while, it’s also really fun for your little one to sleep up on a ‘high bed’.

Canvas 6 Drawer Unit - £12.99

Canvas Drawer Set


We love canvas storage units because they’re much cheaper than their wooden counterparts, but they still look stylish. This canvas 6 drawer unit is a great addition to any home - especially as a life-saver if you’ve just moved in and are saving up to purchase some more expensive furniture down the line.

Think that cream canvas is going to be a magnet for sticky toddler fingerprints? Worry not! It also comes in a very practical and dirt-hiding dark grey.

6 Drawer Storage Box - £7.99

Drawer Storage Box

This 6 drawer storage box is perfect for keeping stationery in - we’re thinking it’s a great place to keep kids’ homework items to prevent them from going walkabouts! It comes in a range of 4 super-cool designs so they’ll complement any bedroom!

B&M Top Tip: these drawers are stackable, so if you have a large family just buy more than one and get stacking!

Svar 2 Door Cabinet - £29.99

Two Door Cabinet


Perfect for your living room or office space, this 2 door cabinet doubles up as a magazine or book rack. Team with some bookends and you’ve got yourself a stylish place to keep those files! The cupboard at the bottom is deceptively big - perfect for storing a laptop and other work stuff.

Undersink Cabinet - £29.99

Undersink Cabinet


Onto the bathroom now, and a great space-saver in one of the smallest rooms in the house is purchasing an undersink cabinet. This clever cabinet fits snugly around the base of your sink, making great use of a space that’s often wasted.

Tall Shoe Rack - £19.99

Tall Shoe Rack


Ahh, the shoe rack. We love these for keeping our shoes organised, but hate the fact that many of them take up lots of valuable floor space. This one’s great for small space though, as it uses the space above it rather than horizontally, making it the perfect little space saver!


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