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Craft Ideas for Kids

20 April 2015

It’s a 9-5 job in itself keeping kids occupied, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Craft is easy, fun and more importantly, cheap! The only limit is your imagination.

Why not take some inspiration from one of our craft ideas and make spending time with your kids a magical experience.

1. Paint With Your Kids

Kids. Love. Painting. It’s a fact of life. The only things kids love more than painting a picture, is painting on themselves! Liven things up by helping your kids to paint a toy or figure. There’s plenty of toys which can be painted, including your very own Frozen snow globe! Invest in some paints and spend the day helping the little ones make something you’ll treasure forever. Help your kids paint and you’ll not only have fun… but you’ll make sure your walls steer clear of that pesky paint!

2. Make Your Kids FAVOURITE Characters

If the rainclouds appear and you’re forced to huddle up indoors, then use your time together to literally make memories. Craft is easy, and quick to grasp. You could try making dinosaurs, fairies or anything that the kids are obsessed with right now. We all know what it feels like, it might be Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly or Mr Tumble. Try making their favourite characters, or help them do it themselves. Craft kits contain everything you need, from pipe cleaners to glitter, and will make sure time flies when stuck inside.


3. Frame Your Memories

There’s no denying that photo frames are expensive. We’ve all been there, out looking for a new picture frame to place that memorable photo in. But we just can’t find the right one. That one’s too shiny, that one’s too brown, that one doesn’t fit with my colour scheme! It’s endless. So why not make it yourself? It’s easy, all you need is a basic plain picture frame and some imagination. Oh, and bits and pieces to stick on it! Get the kids involved, sticking and gluing. Make the picture frame as memorable as the picture.

4. Have a Royal Good Time

We all know that Frozen fever has well and truly been around for a while now (I’m positive it’s way longer than 2 years!). So, help turn your little princes and princesses into real royalty by making their very own crown. All you need is card, scissors, glue, a stapler and things to decorate the crown with! The little ones can help you out, or even make their own. Why not follow it up by making some regal clothing? Use dresses and suits you’re never going to wear again, and turn the kids magical.

5. Plant Pot Painting

For a young mind, gardening isn’t really that fun... If they’re in the garden, they want to be running about, playing and having fun! Not on their knees poking a hole in soil. This doesn’t have to be the case though, you can make gardening more fun for the kids by involving paint! Buy a few plain plant pots, paints and extra stick on materials and make a fun and wacky pot. Better yet, buy some of our range of kids gardening equipment (including a paint your own garden gnome kit, and kids gardening tools!) and maybe they’ll even help you out!

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