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Creating a Healthy Kitchen Space in 5 Easy Steps

13 April 2018

Have you always wanted to eat more healthily? Along with getting plenty of exercise, a healthy diet is crucial when trying to lose weight or improve your energy levels. If you're struggling to find time to make fresh meals and include healthier ingredients on a daily basis, it might be time to make a few changes.

A great place to start is your kitchen. More than anything, your kitchen should be a place where you enjoy spending time. All it takes is a bit of rearranging to create your perfect healthy kitchen.

Have a read of the following handy hints when creating your very own healthy kitchen space in just 5 easy steps.

1. General Food Prep Area

Start by clearing a space for food preparation, making it a lot easier for you to chop fruit, vegetables and salad to use in meals or even in smoothies.

First and foremost, your kitchen must have a clear space for food preparation. If your kitchen worktops are cluttered with appliances, bottles or foodstuffs, it’s time to have a sort out.

Try to put everything away that you don’t use on a daily basis and clear at least enough space for a chopping board. When it comes to making fresh meals, the Russell Hobbs Chopping Board Set is easy to use, clean and put away without taking up too much room. Along with a set of knives, this will allow you to easily chop vegetables, salad and anything else you need to become a healthier version of you.

2. Easy Access Fruit

By having a fruit bowl out, it means you can quickly and easily grab a snack on the go before you leave the house, or even when you just get in.

The next step is having plenty of fruit in your kitchen for when you’re feeling peckish. So you don’t have to go rooting in the fridge, make sure you have fruit readily available and easy to access in your healthy kitchen.

Along with your food prep space, try to have an easy-access area for fruit that you can grab and go when you’re in a rush. The Geometric Fruit Basket is stylish and practical, allowing you to easily grab a banana, apple or clementine if you’re feeling peckish.

3. Make Your own Smoothies & Stay Hydrated

Making healthy smoothies that you can drink on the go is a fun and creative way to look after yourself. This will not only allow you to choose your own ingredients but also save money by making them yourself.

Get a blender such as the Goodmans Blend and Go, or the Goodmans 8-in-1 Multi Blender that will allow you to quickly throw in fruit, vegetables and juices - rerady to drink on the go. Set these up close to your food prep area so that it's even easier to use if you don’t have much time.

In addition, keep hydrated and stay positive at the same time with our set of Tritan Slogan Drinks Bottles 1L. This will remind you to keep drinking water during the day, as well as keeping you motivated to reach your health and fitness goals.

4. Make Vegetables a Priority in Your Main Meals

It's all too easy to think of meat or poultry as the priority in your main meals (unless you are vegetarian or vegan). When setting up your healthy kitchen space, try to leave plenty of room in the fridge and cupboard areas for vegetables.

The benefit of using the Weight Watchers 3-Tier Steamer will mean you can make a lot of vegetables at once when making an evening meal or lunch to take to work. Set it up close to your food prep area and make sure to clean it once used.

5. Try Healthy Baking

Why not try some healthy baking in your new kitchen space? Get all the ingredients together and make skinny muffins or even home made granola bars.

Along with eating plenty of fruit and vegetables in your healthy kitchen, you might even want to kick it up a notch and try some healthy baking.

Keep some room in your kitchen for recipe books that you can refer to, and if you’re lucky enough to have space, put out your Russell Hobbs Kitchen Scales so you can quickly measure out ingredients. This may also help near your food prep area if you have a recipe that calls for exact measurements.

Have you been creating a healthy kitchen space? Share all your best pictures of your kitchen or your healthy meals over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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