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Easter Egg Crafts for the Easter Holidays

16 March 2023

Easter is filled with plenty of things that our kids love - chocolate, treats and plenty of opportunities to make things. However, a break from school can mean you’re faced with the challenge of keeping them entertained.

Take the opportunity to put the screens away and have your family get stuck into DIY Easter crafts. B&M’s simple and easy Easter egg crafts are perfect for keeping the kids occupied and creative during the half term.

After a long winter, it’s a great idea to celebrate the refreshing season of Spring with your family and friends with our easy Easter egg crafts. From egg decorating to creating Easter cards to share with your loved ones, gorgeous Easter decorations are simple to make and perfect for all ages to get involved.

Take a look below to discover our top five crafts you can do this Easter and get creative!

1. Easter Egg Cards

Easter egg cards are a great way to spread the seasonal spirit whilst incorporating eggs into your crafts. Simply grab any paper or card, preferably brightly coloured, and fold it in half. Then carefully cut it into an egg shape and unfold it.

Now it’s time to get creative! You can decorate your Easter egg card with stamps, glitter and patterns to give it the perfect decorative Easter egg look. Why not try adding in some little eggs made of felt, or glueing on small flowers made of paper?

Once it’s complete, write an Easter message inside and share it with your friends and family!

2. Easter Egg Baskets

Easter egg crafts can also be functional as well as decorative. No Easter is complete without an Easter egg hunt but you’ll need a decorative basket to carry all of your treasures in.

Creating an Easter egg basket is a great Easter egg craft for kids to get stuck into during the holidays. You can start by taking an empty egg box and cutting off the lid. The lid will be where you store your tasty eggs, so next create a handle using pipe cleaners twisted together. Then, hole punch through the lid and thread your pipe cleaner handle through the basket. Decorate your new basket with colours, Easter chicks and pastel-coloured pom poms.

Ran out of time to create a basket but still want something easy, Easter-themed and perfect for your Easter egg hunt? Pick up our Giant Fillable Egg Chick to take along with you.

3. Plastic Easter Egg Flowers

This Easter, you and your family can make plastic Easter egg flowers. They’re reusable, pretty and Easter themed - does it get any better?

Simple and straightforward, all you have to do is grab some green pipe cleaners and twist them into a stem shape. With a smaller pipe cleaner, you can make a leaf shape and attach it to the stem by twisting it around. For the petals, simply take some plastic, colourful eggs and punch a hole in the bottom. Then, thread the stem through the top and glue it into place.

Place your new plastic Easter egg flowers in a pretty arrangement on your mantelpiece, or put them around the house to add a pop of fun, Easter colour!

4. Easter Egg Garland

Perfect for sprucing up your home just before Easter begins, an Easter egg garland is an easy Easter egg craft that is ideal if you have plenty of kids to entertain.

You can choose to use a paper egg or a plastic egg, giving each child their own to decorate and get ready to put on the garland. Use whatever takes your fancy - glue, glitter, felt, chicks, patterns, ribbons and pom poms.

If you’re not sure where to start, try out our Easter eggs crafts kit, complete with fake eggs and decorations. Once you’re all done, tie your decorated eggs to the garland and hang in your home for everyone to enjoy.

5. Dinosaur Easter Eggs

If you fancy something a bit less traditional, creating a dinosaur Easter egg is a sure way to keep your kids delighted and intrigued.

Use pastel-coloured eggs, to begin with and decorate with brown and green extras to give them that Jurassic feel. In our kit, you can find mini dinosaurs to put into your eggs once they’re ready to hatch, along with moss and artificial foliage to make your baby dinos feel at home.

If you want to hatch your own Easter bunny that is more cutesy than a dinosaur, pick up our Hatch & Grow Easter Egg this Easter.

6. Decorative Easter Egg Scenes

Simple but effective, Easter egg crafts for kids are perfect for making your home sparkle with Spring whilst giving your young ones something to do.

Unpack all of the goodies in our Mini Easter Decorations Kit and get to work creating a decorative Easter egg scene. Begin with any sized wicker basket and fill it with straw and colourful tissue paper. Take small eggs and adorn them with felt flowers and glitter and arrange them amongst the basket’s bedding. Once you’re happy with your egg arrangement, you can add in some extra chicks amongst them.

Why not take some of the plastic egg flowers you made earlier and prop them up in your basket to add a floral touch? Be sure to include some delicious chocolate treats in your Easter egg scene too!

We'd love to see your Easter egg crafts this Spring, along with all the products you’re using to create them! Share your buys with the B&M Community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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