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Father’s Day Special: The Dad and Daughter Makeover Challenge!

15 June 2017

To mark Father’s Day (coming up on Sunday 18th June), we got together with a group of dads to celebrate the special bond they have with their daughters. The girls were asked to apply makeup to their daddy’s faces. See how they got on as they got busy with brushes, powder and a LOT of foundation...

Dad no.1

Father's Day with B&M
 First up was TheHonestFather whose daughter took a particular liking to the eyeliner and lipstick. Attacked with a makeup brush, the overall look is amazing. Well done! 

If you fancy seeing more of TheHonestFather with or without makeup check out his Youtube channel.

Dad no. 2

Father's Day with B&M
 LondonDad seems to be all set up for his beauty session from the looks of things, and has mastered the double kid combo method - excellent tekkers, Dad. While one child looks set to pounce with a lipstick, her younger brother looks completely unsure of the whole situation. But the most important thing is that all three of them are having fun.

Dad no. 3

Father's Day with B&M
DIYDaddy, agreed to take the challenge under the impression that his little ones knew *something* about makeup application. But we love the end result! Well done for being such a good sport, DIYDaddy, and we hope it didn’t take too long to remove all traces of slap!

Dad no.4

Father's Day with B&M clearly thought that a rainy afternoon would be a wonderful way to spend bonding time with his darling daughters. He probably wasn’t expecting an afternoon tea sporting an updo and a wrap dress. But props to the girls on the nail varnish complementing the frock. As all women should know - the devil is in the detail.

You can watch a full video of HereCometheHoopers afternoon tea here.

Dad no. 5

Father's Day with B&M

Wow! DadvWorld’s lashes are fluttering, the contouring is on fleek, and those lips could easily be mistaken for an A-lister’s. All in all, a career in beauty lies ahead for DadvWorld’s daughters.

How are you spending Father’s Day this year? Share your pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!