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Feel the Buzz this Summer with the Best of B&M’s Lightyear Toys

16 June 2022


After over two decades of heart-warming cinematic adventure, Buzz Lightyear’s past is brought to the big screen in the new Lightyear film landing on the 17th June. Action packed and as entertaining as ever, Lightyear will see Buzz face being stranded on a hostile alien planet and he must fight to save his team and himself. But fear not, you can relive and explore infinity and beyond with B&M’s extensive toy range centred on the Lightyear movie.

Here at B&M, you’ll find the best Lightyear Action Figures and Playsets. This awesome range of products allows fans of the franchise to relive iconic cinematic moments and create new memories. As well as introducing a new generation of fans to the bravest and most daring Space Ranger of them all, Buzz Lightyear.

Fight Epic Action-Packed Battles with Lightyear Action Figures

Create your own space epic with the large Lightyear Action Figures on offer here at B&M. Take the battle to Zurg with the Lightyear Laser Blade Buzz Lightyear; fight your way through his evil minions and save the Universe! Or for the more mischievous Lightyear fans grab a Zurg Lightyear Action Figure to destroy Buzz and his flight team. Or why not put them together, one on one in the ultimate showdown, with the Lightyear Zurg and Buzz Action Figure Set. Whichever side you pick, adventure awaits with these tremendous Lightyear Action Figures.

Recreate Your Favourite Lightyear Moments with our Assorted Selection of Toys    

Play and create your own adventure with the whole cast of Lightyear with B&M’s Lightyear Assorted Toy collection. Collect all the Lightyear characters with the Buzz and his Team Assorted Figures. Use your favourite, work as a team, and destroy Zurg and his evil forces. You’ll need transport, so why not buy the Assorted Lightyear Flight Ships to carry your rag tag crew across the galaxy in search of Zurg. You can always style Buzz however you want with the Assorted Buzz Lightyear Figures, pick any outfit and be prepared for any scenario.

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Blast Off Into Adventure with our Selection of Lightyear Spaceships

Fly through the cosmos with the Lightyear selection of spaceships. Pick up a Lightyear Armadillo Spaceship to fill with your Assorted Lightyear Figures and recreate the Lightyear Team Ship and Crew. Why not escalate the battle and move in towards the Alien Fighter Ship filled with Zurg’s minions and battle it out in the skies. Or go solo with Buzz and take on the Galactic Fleet with Buzz’s Blast and Battle Space Ship.

Achieve Lightspeed with the Hot Wheels Playset & Assorted Toys

Race through the galaxy with the Lightyear Hot Wheels Toys available at B&M. Don’t miss out on the Hot Wheels Lightyear Trackset. Tour the facilities of Star Command before launching the Lightyear Hot Wheels Car through a loop and then into lightspeed as it soars through space. Speaking of which don’t forget to pick up your Assorted Hot Wheels Lightyear Vehicles. These fast and futurist cars, based on Lightyear, will ensure you can recreate the movie magic and spend hours racing through the galaxy.

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Battling the universe? Saving the day? Whichever way you decide to play, share how your adventure turned out with the B&M Community. Visit the B&M social media pages here and tell us how you went to infinity and beyond on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter