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Feel the LOVE With These Valentine's Day Cocktails

07 February 2020

Valentine’s Day cocktails are a sweet and thoughtful touch for the most romantic day of the year. In this article, we’ll reveal our three favourites. Choose from:

  • The Amaretto Sangria, a sweet and decadent red wine cocktail

  • The Sparkling Cosmopolitan, a light and bubbly prosecco cocktail

  • The French 75, an elegant and refreshing gin and champagne cocktail

February 14th provides the perfect opportunity to treat the one you love like a king or queen - and to receive a little pampering yourself! 

If you’re planning on staying in, why not opt for a creative and romantic cocktail making session - or better yet, a classy home-cooked meal with some delicious beverages to accompany it?

To help you on your way, the team at B&M have selected three gorgeous cocktail recipes to ensure that your Valentine’s Day celebrations go super smoothly. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to set the mood.

The Amaretto Sangria

If you love a taste of the exotic with a rich, sweet twist, this delectable red wine cocktail is perfect for you.

Sangria is a Spanish classic, and the almond notes of Amaretto - an Italian digestif - complements it beautifully. This moreish drink makes it easy to imagine that you and your partner have been whisked away to sunny Southern Europe.

Ingredients for one cocktail:

How to make it:

Simple pour all ingredients into a wine glass with ice cubes and carefully stir! It couldn’t be easier. You can also make it in a pitcher, which is more traditional, by multiplying the ingredients by the number of servings required.

B&M Top Tip: A wedge of lime contrasts with the sweetness in this cocktail to make it mouth watering.

The Sparkling Cosmopolitan

Nothing oozes class like a cosmo, but why not kick it up a notch just for your valentine? This is a deceptively simple recipe that makes a light and lively mixed drink fit for cupid himself.

Ingredients for one cocktail:

How to make it:

Pour all ingredients except the prosecco into a cocktail shaker over ice and shake thoroughly. Give it a taste and add more syrup if you think it’s needed. 

Transfer the mixture into a glass and then top it up with the prosecco.

B&M Top Tip: Why not mix and match your flavours with a prosecco topper set to give a little variety to your night?


The French 75

This gorgeous pink gin cocktail makes you feel like the guest of honour at an exclusive event - plus, it’s super refreshing and combines both gin and bubbly. Keep an eye on your intake, though, as it’s strong but highly drinkable!

Ingredients for one cocktail:

How to make it:

Pour all of the ingredients except the champagne into a cocktail shaker over ice and shake until thoroughly combined. Taste it to check whether you need a little extra sugar.

Transfer the mixture into a champagne flute.

B&M Top Tip: In place of sugar, you could add a few drops of Unicorn Clouds by Sidekick for a hint of marshmallow and some extra pinkness!

Why not have a “gin night” and invest in a mixer set to invigorate your palate?

The Look of Love

These classic cocktails with a twist go down a treat as supplementary Valentine’s Day gifts - but it’s important to set the scene before you serve them.

First, declutter, clean and tidy the room in which you’ll be entertaining. Mess is distracting and not classy at all. Turn off the big light and set up a few lamps to give the room a romantic glow. Make sure it’s light enough for you to see what you’re doing!

Lay down an ironed tablecloth to make your place look and feel like a fancy restaurant. This is extra helpful too, as it will protect your table from wine stains!

Dress up your place settings - and, indeed, the rest of the room - with romantic decor and accessories. Candles are always a great choice. We love these heart shaped tealight holders that will add a flickering flame to your evening. 

You can also scatter love heart sweets around your plates or glasses for a touch of fun!

B&M Top Tip: Dress up your drinks and prevent lipstick marks - these rose gold and white metallic straws are both stylish and practical.


Whether you and your beau love red wine, bubbly or gin, the cocktails above are perfect for a romantic evening at home. They’re extremely easy to make too - and can even be upsized if you’re holding a larger party!

B&M Top Tip: Don’t stop at drinks - why not prepare a romantic meal from scratch? Check out our easy and affordable recipes that will help you to impress - whether it’s your first date or your 50th year together!

Proud of your Valentine’s Day setup? Have you gone all out for the one you love? Share your pictures and updates with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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