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Fun Outdoor Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained

19 June 2018

As parents, it can be tough to keep the kids entertained at home, especially during weekends and school holidays when there's a lot of time to fill. Instead of lounging around the house glued to the TV, why not turn your garden into a fun area for them to play in? By making just a few changes you can create a great space outdoors for lots of fun activities!

Unfortunately, this means you might have to have some fun yourself (what a shame!) - become a big kid with our collection of outdoor activities!

Safety First

First and foremost, before the fun can begin you need to make sure that your garden is ship shape. Use the following tips to do a quick tidy of your garden area:
  • Clear the grass of any sharp objects or anything that you wouldn’t want to stand on such as garden equipment - put this away in a secure space such as a garden shed
  • Cut your grass so it isn’t too long, making sure that it can be easily walked on in bare feet without tripping
  • Clean any paving or decking if it has become dirty - especially if there is any moss that has grown on it creating a slippery, dangerous surface
  • Make sure there's enough space for fun and games - try and clear a large enough space and ensure all pathways are kept clear

Now that your garden is clean and clear, it’s time to start thinking about what sort of activities you want to set up to entertain the kids (and yourself of course!).

Get Active with Fun Energy-Burners

One of the best parts about turning your garden into a fun, play area for kids (along with it being cheaper than a trip to an actual soft play area) is that your little ones can get active and burn off some energy while they have fun.

Our Trampoline & Enclosure is the perfect fun addition to your garden, especially during the summer when they can keep bouncing all afternoon with friends and family. If your kids are into gymnastics or even professional trampolining, they'll especially appreciate the practice!

Not a fan of trampolining? Why not pick up our Outdoor Gladiator Game Set and pit siblings and friends against each other! This physical activity is a great energy burner and tons of fun at the same time.

Get Sporty and in the Zone

If you have little ones that are fanatical about football, you might want to indulge them by picking up our Metal Football Goal. At 6ft x 4ft, this goal is a great size for children of all ages and will help them join in with the World Cup madness for 2018! If you have a large enough space and enough people, you could even pick up two football goals and have a mini World Cup final!

If your children aren’t that interested in football, why not try a different sport? Our Giant Archery Set is another great addition to your garden, providing a great beginner activity for little ones to try on a summer day.

Cool off and Relax

After you've got enough of a sweat on in your new, fun garden, it's always worth cooling down and having a little rest. The best way to cool down on a hot day is by picking up one of our Bestway Fast Set Pools. Easy to assemble and even easier to fill, have this pool waiting for you once you’re done with activities so you can jump in and cool off straight away.

Not done with fun just yet? Why not combine the two with the Bestway Sports Pool. Play some volleyball while keeping cool at the same time.

Have you made your garden a fun play area for kids (and adults)? Share all your best summer pictures over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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