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Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween with the Kids

08 October 2020


Planning to celebrate Halloween with the kids? These fun activities will keep young children and older kids entertained on Halloween night:

  • Throw a Halloween party
  • Create creepy crafts
  • Bake spooktacular treats
  • Go pumpkin picking
  • Throw a horrifying Halloween movie marathon night
  • Create a Trick or Treasure Hunt

Kids love Halloween! If you’re preparing to celebrate Halloween with the kids this year, there are so many fun activities you can arrange to keep them entertained.

Create your own Halloween traditions and make some fantastic memories with these scarily exciting Halloween activities.

Throw a Halloween Party

Having fun with friends is a favourite pastime of both young children and older kids.

Halloween is perfect for a costume party, so why not encourage guests to dress up in costumes in a bid to be the spookiest?

Create a haunted house with Halloween themed decorations! Include scary skeletons, glowing pumpkins, bunting, string lights, witches, ghosts, tombstones and any other spooky features you can think of.

You can even get animated, talking decorations to give people a fright.

B&M Top Tip: Halloween stories and monster face-painting are great party activities.

Create Creepy Crafts

For a fun Halloween that embraces your kids’ creative sides, why not plan some arts and crafts? 

Make scary masks out of paper plates, paint and googly eyes or create decorations - such as bat bunting or hanging ghosts made from napkins and upturned paper cups (and more googly eyes!).

B&M Top Tip: Collect glow in the dark paint or pens, spooky stickers and kid safe glue in advance!

Bake Spooktacular Treats

We’ve celebrated Halloween with sweet snacks for generations! 

Find cookie cutters in creepy shapes like ghosts, bats and pumpkins. Colourful tubes of decorative icing are easy to apply and great fun to use.

There are plenty of great recipes online, from monster cupcakes to spider web cookies. Save some for later!

Go Pumpkin Picking

Before Halloween, pumpkin patches come alive with boys and ghouls hunting for the best pumpkin to place in their window. 

Dress your little terrors in their scary best and prepare for dozens of adorable photo opps.

You can create perfectly carved pumpkins when you get home - but protect little fingers!

B&M Top Tip: Pumpkin carving is messy, so be sure to cover your table with a wipe-clean cloth.

Throw a Horrifying Halloween Movie Marathon Night

Pick horror movies that are suitable for your little ones and settle in with snacks to watch some frightening flicks. 

Older kids will be keen to watch scarier stuff, but cute productions like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hotel Transylvania will be a hit with younger ones. Check out the age rating before you press play.

Create a Spooky 'Trick or Treasure' Hunt

Trick or treating may be off the table this year, but that shouldn't stop you having fun at home.

Why not set up a haunted treasure hunt in your house? If the weather is dry you can leave goodies in your garden too, with one clue leading on to another treat!

Perhaps you could leave one of our animated Halloween clowns or witches behind a tree as a 'trick', lurking quietly for the right moment to make your little ones jump!

Get your kids dressed up and give them a treat bucket or loot scoop to collect the hidden treasure!

B&M Top Tip: Dress your pet up too and take them on the hunt for extra “aww” factor!

For the best Halloween ever, throw a party, get creative, bake delicious treats, pick a pumpkin, watch spooky movies or create a trick or treasure hunt - or even combine a few of these!

B&M Top Tip: Check out our great Halloween department for awesome ideas for costumes, decor and treats!

What’s your favourite Halloween tradition? Share it with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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