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Going it Alone: 8 Holiday Tips for Single Parents

24 July 2017

If you’re planning to holiday with your children as a single parent, you might be feeling a mixture of apprehension and fear. While holidays are normally geared towards the 2.4 children family unit, travelling with toddlers and young kids as a single parent might appear to be a frightening thing. However, with our tips in this blog, you’ll see that you can boss it with the right approach. Good luck!

1. Bring a friend

tips for single parents on holiday
If you’ve got a fellow single parent buddy, see if they want to join forces with you on holiday. Another parent who has first hand knowledge of bringing up children solo will be brilliant company, support and an extra pair of hands to help you in tricky situations. A travel buddy is also great for having back up sun cream and toys in emergencies.

2. Consider the type of accommodation

tips for single parents on holiday
While the idea of all-inclusive sounds great – food and drink on tap in a family-friendly resort, it might be cheaper and more suitable to rent a small villa or apartment to call home for a week. This will give you more space to spread out and provide more privacy.

3. Staycation

tips for single parents on holiday
Does flying with a baby on your own sound a bit too much? There’s plenty of places to go in the UK. If you have friends spread around the country, why don’t you plan a fortnight road trip? Stay with pals in Cornwall, London or Scotland or wherever else they are around the country and explore that part of the world. Treat your kiddo with this great Little Miss Sunshine Suitcase, which will be easy to spot wherever you are.

4. Prepare for the airport

tips for single parents on holiday
The airport will be the biggest hurdle for single parents travelling with a toddler. Getting everyone through check in, security and the flight as painlessly as possible needs some degree of forethought. Pack a bag completely dedicated to keeping little ones happy and busy. These kits should contain snacks, drinks and a few treats. Remember to bring entertainment too – colouring books, puzzles, tablets loaded with films and games – we love these Paw Patrol Activity Backpacks which will keep little ones busy for a while.

5. Bring entertainment for the evening

tips for single parents on holiday
Let’s face it, you won’t be clubbing and partying until the early hours when you’re on a solo parenting holiday – so look on it as a detox break and get your laptop or tablet loaded with films, games and good books. Plan a night out with your pals when you get back – you’ll deserve to let your hair down by then.

6. Outsource the kids – at least once

tips for single parents on holiday
You need this holiday just as much as the kids, so if you feel confident dropping the children at the kids club – even if it’s for one afternoon so you can indulge in a spa treatment or even a nap by the pool, don’t feel guilty about doing it. You get a great opportunity to recharge your batteries, and can collect them feeling pampered and refreshed.

7. Head to the beach

tips for single parents on holiday
Whole days can be spent on the beach, exploring rock pools, paddling, building sandcastles and enjoying picnics. With so much space to run around, there’s nothing to tire out little ones than a day at the seaside. These Peppa Pig Kids Clogs and Sunglasses set are brilliant for having beach adventures, and the Paw Patrol UV Sunsuits will ensure safe, sun-protected swimming. A towelled poncho will be much used to dry off and keep warm at the end of the day.

8. Don’t underestimate older kids

tips for single parents on holiday
Older kids can be fantastic with younger ones, and sometimes it takes a holiday to realise this. Keeping them entertained while you pay for the shopping, knowing whereabouts their dummy was dropped in your accommodation and finding the exact episode of Peppa Pig on Youtube are just some of the things that older brothers and sisters are brilliant at. Give them some responsibility by giving them some holiday spends to blow on whatever they want. This Icons Coin Purse is the ultimate accessory for an older kid with a couple of Euros to burn.

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