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Guide to Buying a Real Christmas Tree: Which Type Should I Buy?

29 November 2018

There’s a lot of pressure at Christmastime to get everything perfect. The perfect present, the perfect dinner and overall, the perfect day. Let B&M help relieve some of this stress with our fool proof guide to buying a Christmas tree!

“Should I get a traditional Norway Spruce or something less popular? Tall or short? Cut or pot grown?” Here’s what you need to know…

Nordman Fir

From the mountains of western Asia comes the very popular Nordman Fir. This Christmas tree boasts soft foliage of dark green and flattened needles.

Nordmans give off an attractive citrus scent when crushed while its reputation for retaining needles means your tree will keep its shape over the Christmas period.

B&M Top Tip: if you're opting for a cut tree this year, you'll need a quality stand to keep it straight and true. Take a look at our range of Christmas tree stands online, from beautiful wrought iron stands to hard-wearing plastic.

Norway Spruce

With its reputation as the 'original' Christmas tree, Norway Spruce is the ideal choice for traditionalists.

Its bushy, conical shape is straight out of a classic Christmas card while its mid-green colour will look gorgeous decorated with baubles, tree decorations and tinsel.

Blue Spruce


The ever-more-popular Blue Spruce is finding its way into our households at Christmas time due to its enchanting blue-green colour.

Grows in a soft, conical shape making it an increasing favourite with traditionalists.

While we only stock the Blue Spruce variety with their very own pots, all our other Christmas trees can be bought cut, pot grown or potted – whichever way you like it! Pop in to your nearest B&M Garden Centre store to see what sizes are available.

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas isn't just about the tree. Remember, first impressions are eveything, and what you hang on your front door this yuletide season can say a lot about you and your decor.

Which is why we stock this beautifully decorated real advent wreath, complete with pinecones, cinnamon sticks and a colourful bow (choose between Red and White). Perfect for an authentic, winter woodland look!

B&M Top Tip: if you’re buying a cut tree, take off about an inch of the end of the trunk as soon as you get it home. The clean, fresh cut will remove any dried–over resin that may otherwise prevent the tree absorbing water.

Top Tips for Caring for Pot Grown Trees

While our pot grown trees may be smaller in size, they more than make up for in usage.

Those of us with a green-fingered approach to life will love the project that’s involved with buying and caring for a pot grown tree. With a little TLC, your Christmas tree will flourish throughout the year and can be brought inside as soon as the Christmas adverts start.

Here are our best tips for caring for pot grown Christmas trees:

  • Don’t bring your tree inside the house straightaway. Let it adjust to the change of environment by leaving it in a covered porch or underneath a larger tree.
  • Living pot grown trees like cool temperatures and natural light, so while it’s outside give it a sunny spot away from sources of heat, like tumble dryer vents.
  • Pot grown trees can dry out easily so water daily if possible to keep it well hydrated.
  • Remember, your tree is a living organism whose natural habitat is outdoors, so don’t keep it inside any longer than 10 days at a time.

B&M Top Tip: keep cut Christmas trees in at least 2 inches of water. This stops resin forming over the end of the trunk, ensuring your tree can take up water as efficiently as possible.

Which type of tree is your favourite? Whichever one you decide on, we want to see your beautiful trees sparkling in your home – share yours with the B&M community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!