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Help Relieve Stress & Anxiety with These Mindfulness Techniques

19 February 2021


The past year has been a difficult one for us all. With illness, lockdowns and isolation, we’ve all been left wondering when life will get back to normal.

For many, being locked up at home away from family and friends has been difficult and taken a toll on their mental health.

If you find yourself falling into that category, why not try some mindfulness techniques? They're only small but potentially life-changing, and could see you feel like your normal self again. In this article we'll answer the following questions:

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • What are the Benefits of Mindfulness?
  • And we'll reveal some of the techniques that can help relieve stress and anxiety

What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is a type of meditation where you focus on being increasingly aware of what you’re feeling and sensing in the moment.

It involves using breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax your mind and body, and reduce stress.

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

Having been studied in many clinical trials, it has been found that meditation can help to reduce stress, anxiety, pain, depression, insomnia and high blood pressure.

It can also help you experience thoughts and emotions with greater balance. Meditation can improve attention, sleep and decrease job burnout.

Mindfulness Exercises


If you feel like any of the above could apply to you, follow these steps.

  • Pay attention: It can be hard to slow down and notice things in our busy and ever-expanding world. Try and take some time to notice the small things around you. Pay attention to your senses – touch, sound, sight, smell and taste. For example, when eating your favourite food, take the time to smell, taste and enjoy it.
  • Accept yourself: Treat yourself the way you would treat a good friend. Do things that you enjoy and that make you happy.
  • Focus on your breathing: when having difficult thoughts, sit down, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Focus on your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Doing this for even just a minute can help.
  • Body Scan Meditation: Lie on your back with your legs outstretched and arms spread out to your sides with palms facing up. Focus your attention slowly on each part of your body, from head to toe or vice-versa. Be aware of any emotions or senses you may feel, and continue to pay attention to your breaths.
  • Sitting Meditation: Sit comfortably with your back straight, feet flat on the floor and hands on your lap. Completely relax and breathe through your nose. Focus on each breath moving in and out of your body. This will bring a feeling of calmness across your entire body.

If you have any mindfulness techniques of your own, why not let the B&M community know on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

*The above information should not be used in place of professional medical advice. If you experience any of the symptoms described in this article, please consult your GP/a competent medical professional.