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Holiday Health & Beauty Hacks for Packing Light

08 August 2017

Well, August is well and truly upon us and that means that many of us are making the most of what’s left of the summer holidays by jetting off on a family holiday. If you’re no stranger to travelling by plane, you’ll be aware that there are restrictions for how much you can take with you luggage-wise.

The exact weight that your suitcase is allowed to be depends on which airline you’re travelling with, but you’re generally only allowed to take liquids in up to 100ml containers.

To ease your travel woes and give you more time to focus on actually being excited for your holiday, here are some tips for packing light.

At the airport


Do your research

Make sure you familiarise yourself with any security restrictions BEFORE you start packing. If you’re in doubt about whether or not a particular item is allowed in your cabin luggage visit the airline website or ring them up and ask.

Picture the scene - you and the kids are all excited about boarding the plane, when you’re ordered to take everything out of your makeup bag and placing them into clear bags. Not a great start to your holiday - so do your research.

Try to fly with just a cabin bag each

Airlines don’t charge extra for your cabin bag, so if possible, it’s worth packing everything into these. You’re allowed one each, so this gives you a great excuse to pack light. If you’re going on a beach holiday, chances are you only need your swimwear and a couple of outfits for going out in the evening anyway.

B&M Top Tip: Giving your kids the responsibility of their own cabin bag makes them feel more involved in the airport process. This means better behaved kids and a more relaxing journey - win win!


Take travel-sized perfumes

Avoid getting stopped at security by taking smaller versions of your favourite perfumes. Even if you choose to take extra hold luggage with you, smaller bottles also weigh less, meaning you have more room for other things. Who wants to lug a big glass bottle of fragrance around with them anyway?

B&M Top Tip: If you’re looking for a new fragrance to bring with you on holiday, but don’t want to spend a small fortune, consider this one from the Britney Spears range. The delicious vanilla scent is perfect for the evenings - you could even spritz some at the beach if you’re feeling fancy!

Family beach holiday
Don’t skip the essentials

When packing light, it’s sometimes tempting to skip essentials like insect repellent or sun cream, but don’t. You’ll only end up paying over the odds for things like this once you get to your destination, and you could end up getting bitten several times over by the time you get your hands on some. Not a good look for the rest of your holiday!

Buy pre-packed items

This travel-size Malibu sun cream set is perfect for slotting into your cabin bag. It’s got everything you need for spending a week or two in the sun - 10 and 20 spf sun cream bottles, as well as a handy bottle of aftersun to minimise peeling.

Do you have any holiday beauty tips or tips for packing light that you’d like to share? Join the B&M community and share your holiday packing tips on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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