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Holiday Shop Checklist – 10 Holiday Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget

20 April 2015

Holiday Shop Checklist main image


When it comes to packing for a summer holiday, you sometimes feel more like packing it all in. This convenient holiday shop checklist will save you time and let you pack your troubles away, along with the important essentials…

1. Sun Cream

Protection will always be high on mum’s list of priorities and that’s no different on holiday. Ensuring your family stay safe in the sun is just as important as remembering your passport so make sure sun cream is the first thing in your suitcase. B&M have a huge range of branded sun creams, aftersuns and sunscreen lotions at unbeatable prices.


2. Passport Holder/Document Wallet

Passport, visas, plane tickets…you won’t get very far without these. So make sure you fly through the airport by keeping your travel documents all in one place. A plastic wallet is enough to keep everything together, or even this Travel Organiser for just £1.99.

3. Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

Trying to find a pharmacy in a foreign country is never easy, so don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure you pack paracetamol, indigestion relief and travel sickness tablets before you leave! One less headache to worry about!

4. Travel Adapter

Leaving your iPad or phone at home doesn’t bear thinking about. But what’s the use in a phone with no battery!? Not only should you make sure you have the right adapter for the country you visit, you should make sure you have enough for the whole family. Tablets, phones, e-readers, cameras; you don’t want to start arguments over charging times! Have a look at B&M’s range of adapters. Or take the power or charging wherever you go with a handy power bank.

5. Travel Bottle Set

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You’ve packed, you get the family to the airport (on time!) you get to security and…you’ve put the shampoo in your carry on by mistake. It’s all got to go; the only thing more annoying is setting off the alarms with some loose change in your pocket! B&M have a handy Travel Bottle Set which includes that golden ticket for gliding effortlessly through security: clear plastic bottles! Ideal for those essentials you can’t be without for too long.

6. Swimwear & Towels

What’s the first thing the kids want to do when you arrive at your sun-kissed resort? That’s right, they dive straight for the pool! Forgetting their swimming costumes is not worth the tantrums so make sure the swimwear is packed. Beach towels are a must too and B&M have some really fun Hooded Beach Towels that the kids will simply love.


7. Kids Backpacks

Because all their books, tablets and toys aren’t going to fit in your bag! There are some great branded kids backpacks in store including Frozen, Minions, Peppa Pig and Spider-Man!


8. Luggage Padlocks

You might not get the peace and quiet you dream of on the plane, but you can travel with the peace of mind that your luggage and its belongings are secure with a set of padlocks or combination locks.

9. Camera

Holidays are where memories are made; make sure to take lots of snaps so the good times last long after the return flight home. All phones have a decent camera on them these days so it's never been easier; and with B&M's own selfie stick, it's never been cheesier! Join the phenomenon and get the whole family in the perfect selfie shot! Don't forget this handy power bank that lets you re-charge on the beach, poolside or wherever you are!

10. Footwear

Sand can get hot, hot, hot! So keep the kids’ feet looking and feeling cool on the beach. B&M have a great range of footwear made especially for summer holidays like flip flops, sandals, clogs and canvas shoes.