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Host the Ultimate Euro 2021 Watch Party

08 June 2021

Host the Ultimate Euro 2021 Watch Party


EURO 2020 has now become EURO 2021 - and, if you’re not planning to be one of the ticket buyers attending in person, here’s how to celebrate by watching it from home! Read on for tips on holding the ultimate EURO 2021 watch party, including:
  • Perfecting Your AV Setup
  • Loading Up On Refreshments
  • Bringing the Indoors Outdoors
  • Planning Games and Activities

What are we going to do after the excitement of the Premier League and Champions League is over? Watch the European championship, of course!

Oh yes - you won’t have to hang on for the World Cup to get your next dose of high-stakes football; despite being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but UEFA EURO 2020 matches are back on a year later! 

The tournament - originally planned to consist of UEFA EURO 2020 matches, but now widely referred to as EURO 2021 - takes place throughout June and July, with host cities including Amsterdam, Bucharest and Copenhagen.

The last of the group stages and the quarter-finals will be taking place in St Petersburg, with others - including the other quarter-finals in Baku, Munich and Rome

The semi-finals and final will take place at our very own Wembley Stadium - and ticket buyers are currently permitted to attend! But if you’re not jetting out to a host city, you can still get in on the excitement by throwing the best watch party ever. Here’s how to do it.

Perfecting Your AV Setup

For large scale entertainment, why not grab a projector? It’ll save everyone crowding around a TV or laptop.

You can easily find one that is compatible with everything from TV smart boxes and sticks to satellite or cable boxes such as Sky, Virgin, BT, games consoles, USB sticks, USB hard drives, DVD & Blu-Ray players, laptops, smartphones and tablets

Host the Ultimate Euro 2021 Watch PartyB&M Top Tip: Don’t forget your sound. Feel the roar of the crowds with the perfect speakers or soundbar.


Loading Up on Refreshments

Of course, you’ll need a well-stocked “bar” and plenty of snacks to get you through each match. Lager and beer are cheaper in bulk, while bowls of favourite crisps, multipack treats and snacks with meaty flavours will always go down well!

Host the Ultimate Euro 2021 Watch Party

B&M Top Tip: Pay tribute to the current host city by choosing themed food and drinks - for example, enjoy vodka while watching a quarter-final in Russia, or Sicilian lemon gin when one is being played in Italy.

Host the Ultimate Euro 2021 Watch Party

Bringing the Indoors, Outdoors

A summer celebration shouldn’t have to take place behind closed doors - why not fire up a barbecue and enjoy favourite grilled goodies like hotdogs and burgers to create the feeling of being a ticket holder at the main event?

Planning Games and Activities

Why not create pools and engage in a little friendly competition, pulling competing teams out of a hat for each stage of the tournament and arranging a prize for the overall winner?

You could also arrange dress-up competitions or even cooking challenges themed to match the host countries of the championship.

So, to throw an unforgettable EURO 2021 watch party, just prep your screen and audio, grab enough of the right snacks and drinks, fire up the barbie and plan some fun stuff to do!

B&M Top Tip: Hunt for the best snacks and refreshments for your event in our fully stocked Food and Drink section.

What are you doing for the EUROs? Share your plans with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.