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How To Celebrate a Birthday in Lockdown

10 July 2020

How To Celebrate a Birthday in Lockdown


It is vital to observe and follow official guidelines when it comes to combating the coronavirus - and that means limiting our contact with others to keep our loved ones safe.

While distancing measures and restrictions can really put a downer on the celebrations we’ve planned, there are loads of ways in which you can still throw a party to remember!

Decorate with Party Supplies

Many shops may still be shut or operating at reduced capacity, but you can still purchase great decorations at your local B&M store.

Brighten up a quarantine birthday by really transforming your home - attach accessories to the ceiling, blow up balloons and hang up bunting to make it feel like a truly special day.

B&M Top Tip: If you’re planning a birthday surprise as a member of the birthday girl or boy’s household, make gradual, careful preparations in the run-up, then get up early to add finishing touches on the day.

Buy a Delicious Cake

Attention to detail is vital when your birthday celebrations are restricted. That’s why you should pick up sweet treats that everyone in your household will enjoy.

If there are too many different tastes to cater for with a single cake, why not arrange alternatives as well, such as delicious pastries or tarts?

B&M Top Tip: Don’t forget the candles!

Indulge in an Extravagant Dinner

Great food is something that can make any event feel special, so laying on an amazing spread is a great way to celebrate a birthday in lockdown.

Acquire a good stock of bubbly, carefully plan starters, mains and desserts that reflect the household’s tastes and dietary requirements (sticking to the birthday person’s favourites where possible) and set up the dining area to look fancy!

Reusable plastic glasses and champagne flutes will help you to avoid breakages, while pretty napkins, cups and straws add sweet little touches. You could provide different paper plates for adults and kids to make each group feel special.

B&M Top Tip: For a buffet-style setup, finger food on platters goes down a treat. Serve portable canapes to keep everyone satisfied throughout the day, and leave a few bowls of snacks and sweet treats around as a little indulgence.

Celebrate with Custom Cocktails

A great way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday is to serve up a cocktail or two based on their favourite treats, holiday destinations or movies.

Look up different recipes and come up with funny or heartfelt new names for each drink to add a sense of personalisation.

B&M Top Tip: You can create mocktail versions for youngsters too!

Throw a Virtual Party with Friends and Family

Video calls aren’t just for work! Seeing your favourite people face to face is definitely a step up from receiving a birthday card. Attendees can sing happy birthday, play a little music or even dress up.

Why not find some virtual games to play. You can play almost anything online at the same time as chatting, from scrabble to cards to multiplayer video games.

B&M Top Tip: Video chats can be surprisingly tiring! Make sure you give the birthday person at least one gift that will help them relax when all the fun is over.

Fun decorations, delicious treats, decadent meals with cocktails and a chance to see loved ones -  even if it’s just on a screen - can make any lockdown birthday special.

B&M Top Tip: Get some inspiration for presents by browsing our range of specialist gifts.

Have you thrown an awesome quarantine party? Share your tips with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!


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