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How to Clean a Hot Tub Filter

28 January 2022

How to Clean a Hot Tub Filter

Proper hot tub maintenance is key to keep clean filtered water flowing into your tub. B&M’s guide on how to clean hot tub filters also answers questions like:

  • How Long Should Hot Tub Filters Last? 
  • Why is it Important to Keep a Hot Tub Filter Clean?
  • How Do I Clean My Hot Tub Filter?
  • How Often Should I Clean My Hot Tub Filter?

When enjoying a relaxing soak, the last thing you want is dirt and debris entering your hot tub water. This handy guide from B&M explains how to clean a hot tub filter and keep only clean water flowing into your tub.

How Long Should Hot Tub Filters Last?

With proper hot tub maintenance, your hot tub or spa filters should last between one and two years. 

B&M Top Tip: Pick up a “spa starter kit” for everything you need to stay on top of your hot tub’s hygiene.

Why is it Important to Keep a Hot Tub Filter Clean?

Regular hot tub filter cleaning is vital for your health and hygiene.

Properly cleaning your spa or tub will keep clean, filtered water flowing in, and will remove any contaminants. 

What’s more, if you go for a long time without cleaning your hot tub, blockages can build up within its inner workings, which may cause defects.

How Do I Clean My Hot Tub Filter?


For light, regular cleanings, all you need is a garden hose.

Turn your hot tub off and remove the filter, then thoroughly rinse it with the hose. Leave your filter to dry before placing it back in.

B&M Top Tip: Many hot tubs have programmable filtration cycles. It’s a good idea to look up the optimal filtration cycle duration for your particular tub. For example, a tub with a circulation pump that runs 24 hours should have a 12-hour filtration cycle.


For a deeper clean, you can use a specialist hot tub filter cleaner spray.

Wear eye protection and cover your skin for this. Turn off your tub, remove your filter and rinse it with a hose as described above. Then spray it with the specialist cleaner and leave it on for up to fifteen minutes.

Repeat the process as required, then rinse thoroughly with the hose before replacing

B&M Top Tip: If you experience foaming in your tub, use a handy foam remover product.

Intense Cleaning

For the deepest clean, turn off your tub, remove the filter and rinse it thoroughly with a hose. Next, fill a bucket with a specialist spa soak and leave your filter soaking for 8-12 hours.

Rinse the filter thoroughly and replace.

B&M Top Tip: You can create a light homemade soak for your hot tub filters with vinegar or dishwasher detergent in water. Remember to rinse your filter thoroughly afterwards.

How Often Should I Clean My Hot Tub Filter?

Depending on how often you use your tub, you should rinse your filter once or twice per week, and undertake a deep clean at least monthly.

B&M Top Tip: Keep checking your filter media material. When it starts showing wear and tear, your filter will need replacing.

Check your hot tub’s chemical levels with dip tests and keep the water clean using water clarifiers and chlorine granules or tablets. Follow all instructions very carefully.

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