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How to Create a Gallery Wall

16 July 2021

How to Create a Gallery Wall

Discover how to create a gallery wall with this step by step guide from B&M. Transform a large wall in your own personal style with floor to ceiling art prints, making a room feel classy. Learn to:

  • Create a theme
  • Collect your items
  • Use a mix of art: photos, canvas and trinkets
  • Add some colour
  • Use levels
  • Add the illusion of space
  • Be creative

If you have a large wall in your living room, dining room, hall or even along the stairs, you might be considering finding some wall art to add a little interest to your interior design.

Well, why not improve your experience still further by creating a floor to ceiling display of favourite wall-hung pieces? It’s surprisingly easy to achieve and can make a room feel unique, exciting and personal.

In this article, the team at B&M explain how to create a gallery wall in your own personal style, step by step.

Create a Theme

First, you’ll need to decide on the style and colour palette of the art prints and other items you’re going to hang. 

Black and white can be a striking choice, particularly if your space is decorated in monochrome or strong block colours, but there are so many options available to you - the choice is entirely yours.

Collect your Items

Now it’s time to start collecting pieces of art and beautiful picture frames to fit them. 

B&M Top Tip: Take your time when doing this - it’s better to find the perfect images and items than to get it done quickly.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

Use a Mix of Art: Photos, Canvas and Trinkets

Your chosen “artwork” can include everything from cherished family photos in elegant frames to feathers, dried flowers, postcards, wall hangings, wall hung succulents and more.

Add Some Colour

Even if you’re planning a classy and subdued look, a fun touch of colour - whether from a piece itself, a frame or anything else - can help to draw a little more attention.

B&M Top Tip: Feel free to rearrange, add to or remove from your wall at any time. You can even change its colours with the seasons!

Use Levels

You don’t have to hang art - you can place it on shelves too, to add an additional element of interest. Small frames can stand alongside ornaments, plants and plenty more for an exciting and original look.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

B&M Top Tip: You can even pick up “frame” shaped shelves in ornamental styles to make a purely functional item into its own piece of art.

Add the Illusion of Space

It’s best not to use too many dark or strong colours next to each other, as it can sap the light and make the space feel smaller. Reflective surfaces - and mirrors in particular - are great for giving the impression of more room.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

B&M Top Tip: There are some beautiful mirrors that can be presented as artwork themselves, and can serve as a stunning focal point.

Follow the above steps to learn how to create a gallery wall that suits your tastes and existing decor perfectly.

You can find gorgeous items to display in our Decorative Accessories range, so feel free to take a look!

Do you have a stunning gallery wall of your own? Help to inspire others by sharing images with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.