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How to Decorate a Halloween Christmas Tree

30 September 2021


Follow the latest spooky home decor trend with Halloween themed Christmas trees. This handy guide will help you to pick out Halloween decorations and prep your tree to look wonderfully eerie. Learn how to:

  • Choose and clear your location
  • Pick your Halloween tree
  • Find the right lights
  • Collect alternative hanging decorations
  • Top it
  • Decorate the base
  • Create haunting surroundings

Halloween themed Christmas trees are the latest home decor trend for the upcoming spooky season!

Borrowing a traditional feature from another season and giving it a fun and ghostly twist is always good fun. In this article, B&M provides tips on how to create your very own Halloween Christmas tree without breaking the bank.

1. Choose & Clear Your Location

Select a prominent space in your home that guests are likely to see, but where your tree won’t get in the way. If possible, find a spot near a window so that your tree will be visible from the outside!

Declutter the space and remove obstacles or distractions, allowing your tree to take centre stage.

B&M Top Tip: Make sure there is an accessible power outlet nearby and avoid creating any trip hazards with extensions.

2. Pick Your Halloween Tree

If you don’t already have a tree you can use, hunt for one that will fit the space and that lends itself to some spooky decor. 

B&M Top Tip: Faux trees are great, as they are often portable and are available in a range of colours. Black trees are especially effective for Halloween.

3. Find the Right Lights

A haunting glow is vital for an effective Halloween tree. Look for great themed string lights in seasonal colours like orange or purple - or choose light-up strings of Halloween shapes, like skulls or pumpkins.

4. Collect Alternative Hanging Decorations

Position spooky hanging decorations on the branches to match your theme. 

Honeycomb Halloween decorations are ideal, as they are lightweight and three-dimensional and there are plenty of creepy-but-cute designs available, such as bats, spiders, ghosts and monsters.

B&M Top Tips: String decorations and garlands also offer a great effect. Perhaps you can include a swarm of bats or spiders, or hang a string of spooky skulls around your tree?

5. Top It

Tradition states that there needs to be a crowning item on your tree! Choose from witch hats, skulls, giant spiders, googly eyes… the list goes on!

B&M Top Tip: Indoor trees are an easy target for pets - so try to keep yours protected, or it could get damaged!

6. Decorate the Base

There are usually gifts under a Christmas tree - but this is Halloween! Maybe you can place tasty Trick Or Treat sweets there instead?

B&M Top Tip: Spooky homemade tombstones are a great idea too - or perhaps a giant coiled snake?

7.Create Haunting Surroundings

Whether you’ve gone for a classy or cute Halloween Christmas tree, you’ll need to set the scene so it looks its best!

Arrange complementary decor around the space. You might consider additional lights, balloons, faux cobwebs, paper “chains” or other inventive items.

B&M Top Tip: How dark can you get the area? Try to arrange spooky string lights in a way that looks as effective as possible when the main lights are out.

By following the steps above, you’ll be able to create the eeriest Halloween themed Christmas tree possible!

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