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How to do a bathroom makeover for under £50

02 March 2017

Are you in need of some budget bathroom makeover ideas? In between tooth brushing, toilet flushing, showering, makeup applying, shaving and bathing – this room needs constant cleaning and can quickly look a bit grubby.

However, instead of spending thousands on a new bathroom, follow our guide to doing up this room for under £50.

To prepare for this, empty your bathroom of all products, cleaning equipment, toys, towels and anything else. Give the tiles a quick scrub and mop the floor, and you’re ready for the £50 Facelift Challenge!

1. Seattle Undersink Cabinet - £19.99


When it comes to bathroom space savers, this under sink cupboard is perfect. Tucked away, this storage solution can hold cleaning products, soaps, shampoos and other products safely out of sight. Bathroom storage ideas have never been simpler - or cheaper!

 2. Beldray Hookless Shower Curtain - £6.99


Is your shower curtain looking a bit grubby? This glowing white curtain is total value for money and will lift your bathroom instantly. Easy to install with no hooks necessary, this is an easy way of making your bathroom look better on a budget.

3. Salle de Bain Bath Set - £2.49


These matching bathroom accessories are chic additions to your sink and bath. These ceramic vintage bath set comes complete with a soap holder, hand wash dispenser and tumbler for water or toothbrushes. This set is available in white or duck egg.

 4. Textured Stripe Bat Mat & Pedestal Set - £2.99

These mats come in a variety including brown, grey, mauve and blue so you're bound to find the colour that suits your bathroom. These mats come for the bath and the pedestal around the toilet and are super soft and are machine washable, so easy to clean.

5. Botanical Bath Towel - £1.99

While you’re at it, treat yourselves to some new towels! We love these botanical bath towels, which come in three stunning colours: grey, natural and duck egg.

 6. Maine Toilet Holder - £12.99


This piece of kit not only holds your loo roll in a stylish white holder, it also has a nifty cupboard for storing all your spare loo rolls. To sit tidily by your loo, this is a really neat way of hiding unsightly spare loo paper from guests. 

Total cost: £47.44 

Pretty good, eh? All this for under £50 – and all from your favourite shop, B&M!

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