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How to Grow a Flower Garden

10 April 2017

The garden is a fantastic place to sit and chill with family and friends, BBQ or to sit and unwind with a good book, so why not make it look (and smell!) amazing by growing some beautiful flowers? Here are some small flower garden ideas and tips to get you started.

Flower garden items

 What kind of flowers do you want to plant?

The one piece of advice we give to all flower garden newbies is to try to choose hard-to-kill flowers for beginners. We’re not saying you can’t have that floral wonderland that you’ve always dreamed of, but for now we recommend sticking with flowers that are easy to grow. 

Here are some beautiful beginner flower seeds that we recommend using for your first flower garden:


 Where do you want to plant them?

So that you’ll be able to get the most from your flower garden, we recommend spending some time out there to see how much sunshine the space gets each day. You may even find that the spot gets more sun than you think! If the spot gets less sun than you originally thought, don’t worry, there are plenty of other plants that thrive in the shade.

Happy soil means happy flowers!

Soil plays an important part within a flower garden, so it’s important to get this part right. The majority of plants and flowers thrive in moist but well-drained soil. 

B&M Top Tip: to test your soil, take a handful of it and squeeze slightly. It should be moist enough to squeeze into a ball, but drained enough that it comes apart when dropped.

Beautiful flowers

What do you want to plant them in?

What you should actually plant your flowers in depends on the type of garden you have, and the type of flower garden you would like. Flower pots, troughs and planters look fantastic in smaller gardens and yards, so you can still have that fresh flower garden feeling, without compromising too much on space. Larger gardens can benefit from actual flower beds and even a rockery.

B&M Top Tip: when it comes to gardening, always work with what you have rather than trying to squeeze too much into a small outdoor space. Check out our tips for transforming your small garden!

Don’t let your seeds get thirsty!

Young seedlings need lots of, but not too much water to ensure their survival. They should never dry out, so be sure to water them daily while they are small. As you see your plant grow larger, change this to every other day and, eventually, to when the soil feels too dry.

B&M Top Tip: to minimize evaporation, try to water your flowers in the morning.

It’s really important to keep your flower garden properly maintained. So pull any weeds before they get too big, and use a liquid plant fertilizer every month or so.

We’d love to see your flower gardens, so post your photos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and join the B&M gardening community!

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