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How to Have a Camping Holiday at Home

08 July 2020

Garden camping is great for any family. It encourages youngsters to engage with the outdoors, teaches valuable life skills and helps to build strong bonds.
In this article, we’ll explain how to set up a camping experience that suits everyone.

Invest in Good Quality Camping Equipment

You definitely don’t want your backyard camping trip ruined by a collapsing tent or unlightable stove!

You’ll need a good strong shelter and bedding, as well as ground mats and pillows for comfort, waterproof clothes, mosquito repellant, sunscreen, cooking equipment and means to light a fire. 

Test everything before you start, down to the zips on your sleeping bags! Make sure you can find all of the components of your tent too.

Provide Entertainment for the Family

So you’ve pitched up - what next?

There are loads of things you can do with your family, whatever their age range. Why not prepare a scavenger hunt or explore your garden, identifying plants and bugs?

You could also find fun lawn games, sports equipment, puzzles or board games (make sure the pieces are placed in containers so they don’t get lost).

B&M Top Tip: If your kids love a spooky thrill, why not get each member of your family to come up with their own ghost story to tell around the fire? 

Decorate Your Surroundings

Make a camping holiday at home even more special by transforming your garden. Create separate areas for different activities, or make your family feel like they’ve been transported to a different place with a fun temporary makeover. 

B&M Top Tip: You could get your kids to help turn your garden into a jungle with vine streamers and cardboard plants or animals!

Build an Outdoor Fire Pit

Teach your kids practical skills by carefully building and lighting a fire together.

You can buy fire pits, of course, but it’s also fun to make your own. Dig a pit as far from your tent as possible, then surround it with bricks or stones. Place kindling in the middle, then create a secure “teepee” shape out of larger dry branches on top.

Invest in a long lighter so you don’t burn yourself when igniting, and make sure you have a good stock of wood to keep the fire going.

Make sure that all flammable items are far away and that you have containers of water close to hand just in case!

Now you’re ready to campfire stories. Make sure the fire is properly out and cool before you leave it.

B&M Top Tip: You can cook on a campfire! A great approach is to wrap potatoes in foil and place them carefully in the embers. Leave them for 30-60 minutes and hey presto - jacket potatoes!

Treat Yourself to Snacks & Drinks

You can introduce the youngsters to toasted marshmallows, but there are plenty of other things you could bring along too. Crisps and dips are an easy favourite, as are traybake brownies or other sweet snacks.

Bring along a camping stove to heat up hot chocolate and keep a cool bag nearby for fruit juice and perhaps a cheeky beer for the grownups!

To make a success out of your garden camping trip, you need the right equipment, entertainment, decor and refreshments as well as the all-important campfire.

B&M Top Tip: Check out our full range of camping equipment for inspiration when planning your inventory.

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