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How to Keep Pets Cool in the Summer

16 July 2021

How to Keep Pets Cool in Summer

Keep pets cool in the summer months with B&M. To keep pets safe in hot weather, lower their body temperature with pet cooling mats, dog bedding and more. We advise you to:

  • Keep them out of the sun
  • Make sure they have plenty of water
  • Use frozen treats and toys
  • Put the garden sprinkler on
  • Keep them groomed regularly
  • Use cooling vests and pads

It’s important to keep your pets safe from heatstroke and other problems related to hot weather throughout the summer months. 

Many animals - particularly long-haired dogs and cats - are likely to display signs of heatstroke just as easily as humans can. In this article, we explain how to keep pets cool in the summer.

Keep Them out of the Sun

Animals should not be left out in the direct sun, unless there are areas in which they can shelter. Your pet needs access to shade wherever they are, to prevent them from overheating.

If the heat is particularly intense, it may be worth keeping animals inside during the hotter parts of the day, and use fans to keep cool air circulating around the spaces they use.

Before you take your dog for a walk, it’s important to check the temperature of the ground - particularly if you are planning to use paved footpaths or pavements.


Hot concrete or tarmac can burn dog paws - if you can’t walk on it in bare feet, neither can they. Dogs Trust recommends that you try to hold your hand against the pavement for seven seconds. If you can’t do it due to the heat, it will be too hot for your pet. 

It’s often best to walk your dog in the early morning or later in the evening if it looks like it’s going to be a hot day. 

B&M Top Tip: If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know that you should never leave an animal in a hot car, as the interior temperature can more than double within an hour.

Make Sure they Have Plenty of Water

Much like humans, pets need plenty of hydration in the heat. It’s a good idea to keep water bottles in hutches and cages topped up with cool water and make sure dog bowls are always full.

Use Frozen Treats & Toys

You can find great freezable toys to help your pets keep cool while staying active.

B&M Top Tip: Many dogs love to crunch on ice cubes! However, this is safer for larger dogs with stronger jaws and teeth.

Put the Garden Sprinkler on

Pets love to play amongst sprinklers. Not only are they perfect for keeping your lawn healthy, but they’re also a really easy way to cool animals down!

B&M Top Tip: You can even find special sprinkler mats that spray your pet with refreshing water to help reduce their body temperature.

Keep them Groomed Regularly

Many pets can overheat if their fur is too thick. Combat this by brushing them often, as this helps them to moult and removes excess fluff that would otherwise keep them too warm.

Use Cooling Vests & Pads

There are loads of excellent products out there that exist for the sole purpose of keeping your pets cool. From dog bedding that employs specialist airflow technology to pet cooling mats in the shape of ice lollies and watermelons, you’ll find something fresh and fun for your furry friend.

There are even fun and comfy cooling pet pillows and towels

B&M Top Tip: Pick up great pet clothing, such as cooling vests and bandanas, to help tackle heatstroke while on the go. 

We hope our guide on how to keep pets cool in the summer will help you to keep your furry friends comfortable throughout the hot weather.

You can also find plenty of specialist items in our Pet Bedding section - so take a look today!

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