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How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

09 July 2021

 How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

B&M explains how to make your home eco friendly. With an eco-friendly home, you’ll save money in the long run, reducing CO2 emissions, food waste and single-use plastics. You can:

  • DIY Instead of Buying New
  • Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs
  • Skip the Dryer When Possible
  • Use Recycled Storage
  • Get a Recycling Bin
  • Use Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products
  • Use Natural Cleaning Products 
  • Buy a Water Filter

While some households go all out by installing solar panels or other advanced technology, you can also take much simpler, smaller steps to achieve an eco-friendly home and bring down your CO2 emissions.

Here, the team at B&M explains how to make your home eco friendly in a way that also saves money on your energy bills in the long run!

DIY Instead of Buying New

Many new products are flown in from overseas, resulting in a significant carbon footprint. Why not try your hand at a little upcycling, carpentry, textile work or other forms of DIY in order to reduce the amount you buy new? 

Buying second hand or recycled items is also a great way to reduce imports.

B&M Top Tip: Try your hand at upcycling with our range of hand tools for every job, including sanders, drill and bit sets, tape measures, and more DIY tools.

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

In light of the halogen bulb ban, switching to energy-efficient alternatives is a very practical move - but it’s also a key part of running an eco-friendly home.

B&M Top Tip: LED bulbs are probably the best choice regarding energy efficiency, brightness and length of life.

Skip the Dryer When Possible

Tumble-drying your clothes can take a huge amount of energy, which is why you should skip this step and use a clothes airer after removing items from your washing machine.

B&M Top Tip: Pick up two clothes airers - one for indoors and one for outdoors - so you can dry clothes responsibly all year round.

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Use Recycled Storage

Even your storage solutions can be made eco-friendly - whether you decide to upcycle old containers or pick up products made from recycled materials.

B&M Top Tip: B&M offers a range of storage solutions in different colours to match the aesthetic of your home.

Get a Recycling Bin

It’s easy to separate single-use plastics from metal, glass and card when you have your own recycling bins.

B&M Top Tip: Compost bins are a great way to make the most of food waste and keep your plants super healthy.

Use Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

You can find all kinds of household goods that look as good as new but are far more environmentally friendly, as they are made from reused materials.

B&M even offers matching lines of recycled or upcycled products.

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Use Natural Cleaning Products

A lot of the products we use for everyday cleaning contain chemicals and pollutants that are bad for the environment. Natural products are far safer.

B&M Top Tip: Much of the time, effective cleaning can be undertaken using a combination of hot water, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda - so try this out before resorting to stronger stuff!

Buy a Water Filter

Reduce your use of water bottles by filtering your own water at home. It will taste better and prevent you from filling your recycling bin with plastic bottles.

The tips above reveal how to make your home more eco friendly in an easy and straightforward manner. We hope you are successful in making a few simple but significant changes in order to reduce your environmental impact!

Take a look at the Ecohome range at B&M for further inspiration.

How do you maintain your eco-friendly home? Share your ideas with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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