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How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

09 December 2019

In this article, we’ll explain how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch, step by step. The process involves:

  • Collecting foliage such as holly sprigs
  • Preparing wreath making rings
  • Trimming the stems
  • Personalising the decoration

Putting up Christmas decorations is one of the best ways to get in the festive spirit, and making your own wreath means that your holiday season can be affordable and sustainable.

Here are B&M’s DIY Christmas wreath making instructions that will help you make beautiful decorations to impress friends, family and neighbours.

What you’ll need for homemade Christmas wreaths 

  • Wreath making rings (1 ring per wreath) - these are available online and can be made of wire, cardboard or floral foam)

B&M Top Tip: You could even use B&M’s LED round wire garland as a base to make your wreath light up!

  • Seasonal foliage (you can find holly leaves in all kinds of hues. Include the berries for a pop of colour. Evergreen sprigs also look great, You may even want to include small pine cones and other fun natural elements)
  • Florists wire
  • Pruning shears
  • Glue
  • Wreath hooks
  • Any other decorative provisions you prefer!

B&M Top Tip: If you can’t find natural foliage, why not use a pretty artificial garland? You can find pre-lit versions complete with sweet decorations or natural looking features

How to make your wreath 

  1. Collect your foliage. If you’re lucky, you may have the right seasonal plants in your garden. Otherwise, you could get them from a garden centre. Be sure you have both short and long pieces in exciting colours and textures!
  2. Prepare your wreath making rings. If you’re making multiple wreaths, lay them out and place next to them the foliage you’ll be using for each. Make sure you have enough to go round!
  3. If your wreath ring doesn’t have many “gaps” to tuck your foliage into, coil your florists' wire loosely around it, starting at any point on your wreath and wrapping over and over right the way around. Do this a couple of times, then cut your wire.
  4. Start to add foliage. Using the longer pieces first, tuck the base of sprigs and twigs into a suitable gap, then lay the full length down on top of the wreath, making sure it matches the curve.
  5. Secure each piece to the ring sparingly with florists’ wire. You don’t want it to show. Don’t worry if certain pieces seem loose for now - you’ll be coming back to secure them later. Keep the wreath flat as you go along to keep it safely together.
  6. Keep working with larger pieces until you run out, then start with smaller pieces and bright touches like sprigs with berries.

B&M Top Tip: If smaller pieces won’t stay or seem too loose, secure them discreetly with glue.

  1. Neaten up any unruly ends with your shears. As you do this, gently test pieces of foliage to make sure they won’t easily come off.
  2. Personalise! You can add beautiful Christmas decorations such as cute bows, tiny bells, colourful baubles and glitter.
  3. Secure your wreath to a wreath hook on your door. It’s easy to find super-strong all purpose hooks that are self-adhesive.
  4. Enjoy the admiring glances of your neighbours!

And there you have it - how to make an Xmas wreath in just 10 steps. By simply collecting foliage, organising and preparing your materials, patiently arranging your decorations and adding pretty finishing touches and features, your door will never look more seasonal!

B&M Top Tip: making your own beautiful wreath is a creative way to spend a few hours, but for those who simply don't have enough time, don't forget you can buy fresh Christmas wreaths at B&M.

If you’re proud of your own Christmas wreath ideas, why not share them with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

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