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How To Maximise Space In A Small House

19 September 2019

There are a lot of benefits to small houses. For a start, they’re usually affordable to buy, they can be super cosy in feel and they’re much cheaper to heat than a more spacious property. However, they do present challenges - the biggest being the use of space.

So, if you own a smaller house, it’s likely that you’ll need to come up with some clever storage ideas to enable you to make the most of the space you have. Whether you’re looking for storage cupboard ideas or the option to hide potential clutter in plain sight, the team at B&M can help. 

We’ve rounded up our top tips regarding storage for small spaces. Read on for both large and small storage solutions.

Use Storage as a Feature

Just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty.

We absolutely love stylish storage baskets and, while they make for great storage cupboard ideas that serve to keep all of your belongings organised, there’s no reason why you can’t arrange them out in the open too.

Place baskets side by side on a shelf, windowsill or any other surface to form an eye-catching design in your sitting room or bathroom - or create interest in your bedroom with an Ottoman Chest that is as attractive as any ornament.

Whether you’re into feminine velvets, sharp and smart prints or cute and comfy looks, you’re bound to find a gorgeous storage basket or box to suit the rest of your décor.

Save Space in Unexpected Places

Are your jumpers, tops and jeans taking up space where they shouldn’t be? Here’s one of our top storage cupboard ideas: the ingenious use of vacuum bags can reduce the space dominated by clothing by up to 70%. 

This means you can fit loads more in a tiny wardrobe, keeping miscellaneous items off the floor. You can even get scented ones to keep your garments fresh!

Organising your clutter using storage furniture for small spaces is one of the clever storage ideas we love the most. After all, the average TV table or cabinet takes up a great deal of space - so it could be serving multiple purposes and providing a number of small storage solutions.

The same goes for the space under your sink; a little wrap-around cupboard can serve as a vital piece of storage furniture for small spaces.

Did you know that your doors can provide extra areas in which to keep items that might otherwise get in the way? 

It’s already a relatively popular approach to shift mirrors to the back of a door to save wall or floor space, but you can also hang clothing, bathroom products and all kinds of other paraphernalia securely over your door - providing useful additional storage for small spaces.

Don’t forget that you can also use this handy approach as one of your top storage cupboard ideas; hanging things on the inside of cabinets or cupboards means you can concentrate more things in one place - such as herbs and spices or toiletries - instead of having to divide them between cupboards.

Use Your Corners

All houses have areas of unused space where you’ll be able to keep things without them getting in the way. Some of the greatest potential lies in your home’s corners. Why not invest in a great little corner unit or shoe carousel? These are small storage solutions that make a world of difference.

Tuck them beside a cupboard or into a nook or cranny; after all - you weren’t using that space anyway!

Make Storage Fun

Parents with smaller houses - we feel your pain. The pain of stepping on discarded LEGO, that is! A lack of space can really hit home if, like most others, your little ones need one too many reminders to tidy up after their games. Most of us could really do without toys spread across the floor!

The answer is simple - why not make tidy-up time a game in itself? Do this by introducing fun and compact storage furniture for small spaces. Make rules, draw up an achievement chart or use whichever approach best motivates your little one. Once you strike the right chord, you’ll find the room might just clean itself (to a degree)!

B&M Top Tips: Browse our home and furniture range to find space-saving products that match your décor!

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