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How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

19 January 2021

Do you need some garden design inspiration this spring? Make the most of your garden space with a few little stylish tweaks.


The UK’s winter weather will shortly be coming to an end, and now we can start looking froward to spring, the season when your garden starts coming back to life. If you want your garden full of life and colour the end of winter is the perfect time to start preparing.

Check out our helpful guide for the best tips and tricks on how to prepare your garden for spring. In this post you’ll read about:

  • Removing Weeds
  • Garden Pest Control
  • Maintaining Garden Fences and Trellis
  • Looking After Garden Furniture and Tools
  • Taking Care of Your Lawn
  • Preparing Your Soil

Removing Weeds


Garden weeds, a thorn in every gardener’s side. Weeds compete with other plants, and battle for space and nutrients, they provide shelter for pests and they ruin the look of your garden. In order to remove garden weeds, you should first spray them with weed killer, and then pick the weeds out the ground using your hands…don’t forget your garden gloves! Laying down Apollo Weed Control Fabric will help prevent weeds returning.


Garden Pest Control


Garden pests are the last thing you need destroying your plants and flowers, especially after a garden makeover. Snails and slugs are common garden pests that wreak havoc in UK gardens. We recommend using slug and snail tape, place the tape on your planters, pots and stop them pesky pests in their tracks. Doffs, Slug and Snail Killer also helps contain pesticides and protects your plants. Simply sprinkle around snail and slug hot spots.

Maintaining Garden Fences and Trellis

The end of winter is the perfect time to check for any damage to your fences and trellis. Checking now will give you plenty of time to repair, replace and repaint for the start of Spring. To remove dirt from your fences built up over winter you’ll need a power washer, which will get your fences and trellis looking brand new and ready to paint or vanish.

Looking After Garden Furniture and Tools

You’re only as good as your tools! So, get them ready for spring by sharping and cleaning them, which will put them in the best condition possible, giving your garden the proper care, it needs.

Taking Care of Your Lawn

To get your lawn looking lush and healthy, you first want to remove all the thatch by raking your grass. This will give new grass room to grow and thrive. If you notice any moss or weeds you will want to apply lawn feed, which will help keep your lawn free of unwanted moss and weeds. We would recommend applying Miracle-Gro Evergreen Fast Green Liquid Lawn Food, for a thick, healthier, greener lawn.

Preparing Your Soil


If you plan on planting this spring, then preparing your soil should be on your to do list. First, you’ll need to work the soil by digging up the top layer, turning it over and putting it back in the same hole, making more oxygen available for plant roots. Adding Top Soil will also improve existing soil in your garden.

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