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How to Redecorate Your Child's Room on a Budget

19 August 2019

Is it time to give your kid's space a bit of an overhaul? Maybe everything's looking a little threadbare, or perhaps they've grown out of the décor - whether physically or not.

Of course, not many people have a few spare hundred pounds to spend on revamping rooms. So how can you revamp your child's room on a budget? The team at B&M have some useful tips.

1. Re-use

Paint Children's Room

If the issue is that the style of the room is now a little too young (rather than its contents being too small), there may be ways to avoid spending on new furniture by salvaging existing items.

Depending on the quality of the furnishings, you may find that it's possible to strip or sand off paint and varnish and then add a new finish. Chairs, desks, wooden bed frames and wardrobes may all benefit from this treatment and can be completely changed as a result. We highly recommend this brilliant furniture paint to give essential items a new lease of life, while any irritating squeaks and creaks can be fixed by applying a strong wood adhesive.

2. Big, Affordable Changes

Often, one major change is enough to give the whole space a brand-new feel. Why not upgrade your little one's walls by finding a new cheap wallpaper that matches their current tastes? The drastic addition of a different colour and pattern all around the room will keep things looking fresh, interesting and in tune with the things they currently love.

Plus, it's an easy way of entirely erasing any grubby fingerprints and scribbles that their younger self may have left on the walls!

3. Get Creative

Marvel, sandpaper and chalkboard paint

Anyone can get involved in a little DIY - whatever their age. Why not let your kids' creativity be the driving force behind the look of their new bedroom. Little touches like hanging their drawings around the space on string lights will offer a personal touch and may encourage them to keep picking up the crayons!

You can even turn the room upgrade itself interactive! It's great to give your child ownership over their space and belongings - so why not paint or paper their space in a subtle or neutral style and let them finish it off? Pretty gem wall adhesives, glitter film and stickers featuring favourite characters and themes - from Marvel to butterflies - are extremely affordable. Let them apply some (with a little help from a grown-up) and they'll love the fact that they had a hand in getting their space exactly how they like it.

For kids who are old enough, you can continue the creativity far beyond the moment the redecoration is complete by colouring the back of their door or front of their wardrobe with blackboard paint. They can then draw or write there to their heart's content, expressing themselves without their designs being permanent.

4. Think Big Brands, Think B&M

B&M stocks a wide range of fun, high-quality cheap kids' duvet covers, curtains and other essential items featuring favourite characters from TV, films and games such as Fortnite - plus on-trend designs such as unicorn patterns.

Kids love seeing their big-screen heroes in their own bedroom, so keeping up with the lastest merch is a sure way to keep them happy! You'll always find the biggest brands at the lowest prices in-store, everything from Toy Story and Frozen to Disney, L.O.L, Marvel and much more!

B&M Top Tip: Keep everything neat and tidy by investing in a few affordable storage solutions - perfect for keeping toys, crayons, costumes and everything else off the floor and stashed away!

Is your kid’s new room a den of excitement and wonder? Share your design ideas and money-saving tips with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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