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How to Set Your Christmas Dining Table

10 November 2021

How to Set a Christmas Table

B&M offers some extra special Christmas table setting ideas and top tips to make your Christmas dinner table look festive and stylish at this magical time of year. Learn how to:

  • Prepare in Advance
  • Set a Theme
  • Create Your Own Centerpieces
  • Splash Out On New Kitchenware
  • Add a Personal Touch

Christmas is an exciting time of year that many people associate with wonderful food! If you’re hosting this year’s celebrations, you might be wondering how to set your table for Christmas dinner in an extra special way.

In this article, the team at B&M provides fabulous Christmas table setting ideas suitable for any dining table - whether you’ll be based in a dining room, sitting room, kitchen or kitchenette! Here are our top tips:

Prepare in Advance

No one likes to have to rush around the shops on the days before Christmas. It’s busy and stressful, and some places may even have run out of the things you need!

To avoid this panicky experience, make sure you have all of the Christmas table decorations, crockery, cutlery and finishing touches you require well in advance.

B&M Top Tip: For something super classy, why not invest in different seasonal wine glasses for red and white wine, and separate soup and dessert spoons for individual courses!

How to Set a Christmas Table 2

Set a Theme

Plan your Christmas dinner table decorations around a clear theme to make everything feel extra stylish and organised. What about a “nature in winter” theme, featuring elegantly placed pine cones, sprigs of holly and gorgeous “snowy” garlands?

Or you could have a classy minimalist aesthetic, with monochrome crockery and accessories.

Of course, you can always go super traditional with all the famous symbols of the season, like Christmas trees, Santa Claus and reindeer along with a fun red and white colour scheme.

B&M Top Tip: Don’t forget to make it fancy with touches like table runners, festive napkins and napkin rings!

How to Set a Christmas Table 1


Create Your Own Centerpieces

Get creative with gorgeous decorations you’ve made yourself. Forage for holly and other natural foliage to create a natural garland, or find a small fallen branch and decorate with baubles, ornaments and faux snow?

B& Top Tip: It doesn’t all have to be your own handiwork of course! You can pick up beautiful light-up decorations and other accessories to add to it.

Splash Out on New Kitchenware

It’s the time of year to treat yourself - so why not find some festive kitchenware to add to the fun as you serve the meal? For example, you can find gorgeous tea towels to match your dinner plates and other crockery!

B&M Top Tip: Christmassy kitchenware will make even the washing up a little more seasonal, keeping guests who volunteer to help with the cleanup in the holiday spirit.

How to Set a Christmas Table 3

Add a Personal Touch

Personalising your place settings adds a touch of fun and love to any table. Why not include name signs, fun activities for between courses or carefully chosen Christmas hats for each seat?

B&M Top Tip: You could even select individual Christmas crackers to match each person’s style or favourite colour!

So - pre-planning, careful design, homemade crafts, classy kitchenware and thoughtful personalisation are among our favourite Christmas table setting ideas to make any festive meal an experience to remember!

For further inspiration, take a look at B&M’s range of Tableware & Accessories today.

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