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Keep the Kids Active with B&M's Best Outdoor Toys

21 April 2020

The sunny weather is finally arriving, and at the perfect time too!

And with spring here, there's never been a better time to browse our amazing collection of outdoor toys to play and exercise with in your garden.

We asked our toy experts for their must-have kids toys for fun in the sun in 2020, and they've really come up with the goods! Read on for B&M's top outdoor toy recommendations.

Kids Camouflage Gazebo

Perfect for getting away from the sun for a moment or two. Your little one can find some shade and take their toys outside and play with them inside this brilliant Gazebo tent.

Extremely easy to setup and is available for children aged 2 and up.

Ideal for giving the kids some fresh air; why not try and do some at-home learning outdoors?

Football Training Set

The season may be coming to an end this spring, but the football doesn't have to stop.

Kids can keep up their dribbling, shooting and goalkeeping - while keeping them match-fit - with the Football Training Set.

The set includes cones, field markers and a football, so you can put on your coaching hat and get the kids running drills all summer long.

Bubble Machine Windmill

Pour some bubble solution into this Bubble Windmill, switch it on and watch the fan propel bubbles everywhere!

It’s a brilliant way to exert some of the kids’ energy in the garden, allowing them to run and jump through a cascade of bubbles.

Kids Aquarium Play Pool

Why not combine this Aquarium Play Pool with the Bubble Windmill? Fill the pool with water and watch the kids slide, splash and jump through bubbles.

Ideal for a warm, sunny day to keep the kids cool and happy, and giving them a vital source of Vitamin D.


Head Basketball

Test your little one’s hand-eye co-ordination with this Head Basketball game.

Each player places the basket on their head and tosses balls to try and hit the target. Whoever gets more balls into their opponent's net, wins!

Outdoor Polka Dot Tent

The Outdoor Polka Dot Tent is the ultimate playground for your little one and provides some shade from the sun.

It includes a play tent, a tunnel to crawl through, and a ball pit to roll around in!

B&M Top Tip: that's just the tip of the iceberg! We've got lots more Outdoor Toys for kids of all ages online and in-store, including paddling pools and tampolines!

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