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Kids Bedroom Wallpaper Inspiration from Pinterest

29 April 2017

Decorating the kids’ bedrooms is a great opportunity to be really creative, and a good place to start is the wallpaper. One thing about kids’ wallpaper is that you can be as bold as you like, and no-one’s going to think you’re crazy because… well… it’s for the kids (right?).

So forget your plain old neutral hues and let your imagination run wild, because here’s the best of Pinterest’s wallpaper for kids!

Shhh… don’t disturb the fairies!

Fairy wallpaper

Image credit: Jane Churchill

How amazing is this lilac fairy wallpaper? We can just imagine these little characters coming alive in a little girl’s bedroom, watching over her at night. We love lilac and pink tones, they’re relaxing and cool whilst still being cute enough to please your little princess!

We have our very own fairy wallpaper, so you can get this look without the designer price tag.

Graffiti… without the spray paint!

Image credit: Go Decorating

Look at how cool this graffiti is! You just know that your little rebel will love it too. The good news is that you don’t have to whack out the spray paint to achieve this look, it’s just wallpaper! Check out our graffiti wallpaper to add a rebellious streak to your kids’ room.

3...2...1… Blast off!

Image credit: Project Nursery

Is your kid obsessed with space? If so, they will jump for joy when they see that you’ve decorated their room like the stars and beyond! The constellations on this baby room wallpaper are perfect for creating a sleepy space where your little one can relax and unwind.

We’ve got an amazing nebula wallpaper in our range, so you can get this stratospheric look for less.

Emoji heaven (or hell!)

Emoji wallpaper

Image credit: Murals Wallpaper

Check out this crazy wallpaper! Featuring all your kids’ favourite emojis, your little social butterfly will love this edgy look to their room. It’s too cool for school!

We’ve got our own version of crazy emoji wallpaper, that won’t break the bank.

Comic book heroes!

Marvel wallpaper

Image credit: Brit Morin

We just can’t get enough of this Spiderman wallpaper! We love the vintage style of the comic book mural, and it looks super with the striped rug too. In fact, we think you’d have a job getting your little superhero out of their room if this was their wallpaper!

Check out our Marvel action heroes wallpaper!


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