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Minion Madness

23 June 2015

A comical horde of yellow coloured characters have burst back onto our cinema screens to make us laugh out loud and cringe in equal measure. No, it’s not The Simpsons… it’s the Minions!

These crazy characters captured our hearts after stealing the show in their Despicable Me debut, and we’ve made it our mission to ensure you have ALL of the Minion gear you need.

Fart blaster… anyone?

Why not purchase some Minion related goodies for your kids to play with? We’ve got a whole range of toys which will delight the little ones, including a Minion Bop Bag, figures, and even a fart blaster! If you’d prefer something a little less loud, why not try Minion Monopoly or Operation. We all remember playing Operation when we were younger (perhaps our hand eye coordination’s not what it was!) so help the kids recapture YOUR youth with this version. Both games even have exclusive Minion figures... it doesn’t take a surgeon to know that’s a bargain deal!

Minion Makeover

If your kids are anything like us when we were young, they’ll want to dress up as their favourite characters as soon as they get home. Let them! We’ve got everything they need to be their own Minion, including sun hats, shorts, sun suits and clogs. Dressed head to toe in yellow thanks to our Minion kids clothes, you’ll never lose sight of them! You can even spruce up their room with Minion bedding and posters! Our “I Love Minions” poster is a particular favourite.

Shhhh… School Stationery

Keep it quiet, but the kids will need to start buying all new stationery and bags for when they head back to school after summer. Minion merch will be extremely popular this year, so get ahead of the game and start scouring for the best stuff now! Your kids will get excited about the new school year if they start buying fresh Minion gear; and we’ll even let you in on a secret… there’ll be more, new Minion gear hitting B&M shelves this summer, so keep your eyes peeled!

Minion Munchies

To get you in the mood for the new film, why not re-watch Despicable Me 1 & 2? Make it a Minion marathon by watching them back to back with the kids, then take them to see the new film! Pass around some goodies and enjoy the cinema experience in your own home. We’ve got packs of Minion chocolate bars which taste just as good as they look… just don’t overdo it or you might not make it to the cinema!

Take the fun Outside

After being stuck inside a cinema for two hours, the last thing you want is to sit inside any longer. Buy some outdoor toys and enjoy the hot weather while you can! (If it lasts...) Our Minions Paddle Bat & Ball Set will definitely help you work up a sweat, and ensure you work off that cinema popcorn you treated yourselves to! If they get too tired, let them relax on some Minion chairs while drinking some well-deserved juice (we even sell minion branded tumblers and picnic plates!)