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National Stationery Week: How Important is Handwriting to your Child's Development?

24 April 2019

We live in an age dominated by digital, communicating more and more through our smartphones and computers. We text and instant message our friends, we email our colleagues, and we create and submit assignments via word processors.

Is there still room in an increasingly digital world for the humble pen and paper? Of course there is! And at B&M we have some of the best stationery around for much less than you’ll find elsewhere.

National Stationery Week is 29th April to 5th May, and according to the campaign over two thirds of people think handwriting is a very important skill. And if the desks here at B&M HQ are anything to go by, we’d have to agree!

Pens & Pencils

In a Guardian story from 2018, senior paediatric doctors warned that children were finding it increasingly hard to hold pens and pencils because of excessive use of technology.

While we can argue whether smartphones and tablets have changed our lives for the better, there’s no doubting that our children are quickly learning their way around them far earlier than previous generations.

The more time children spend tapping at screens or keyboards, the less likely they are to put pen to paper. But in the classroom, it’s thought that children who write notes as opposed to typing have a deeper level of learning.

So if it’s pens for your budding pupils or coloured pencils for those early learners, there’s so much choice at your local B&M store, like Paper Mate Inkjoy 8pk with assorted colours, to this assortment of Staedtler Noris Coloured Pencils in a pack of 18.

Pads & Notebooks

Reading and writing is something lots of us wish we had more time for, so encouraging kids to get into the habit in their early years is vital for their development.

According to a survey of parents carried out by Write Your Future, 36% thought that good handwriting skills lead to greater confidence and better performance in other subjects. The same number thought their children would be better motivated at school.

Fill your home with the tools they need to develop, not just in terms of handwriting but across the entire school curriculum. We have an amazing range of notebooks, notepads, diaries and exercise books that they can use to scribble in: to practice joined up handwriting, complete homework or invent stories of their own imagination.

Our A4 and A5 notebooks in a range of beautiful colours and designs make it easy to encourage children to scribble wherever they are!

B&M Top Tip: any wannabe wizards or witches in your house? Promising Hogwarts pupils can practice their spells in their very own Harry Potter Notebook, which comes with an enchanted wand pen to write with!

Pencil Cases & Essentials

According to the same Write Your Future survey, a whopping 94% of parents thought handwriting to be an important part of their child’s development. Which makes the case for limiting their screen time as part of a structured tablet/smartphone policy, all the more important!

The more you surround your children with stationery, the more likely they are to pick up pens and pencils and get scribbling. The more attractive the stationery, the more engaged your son or daughter is likely to be.

A stylish pencil case is a great way to hand over a little responsibility to your child. With a greater sense of maturity at owning their own pencil case, they will be encouraged to look after their pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and other essentials.

Plus who doesn’t love showing off their new pencil case to their classmates!?

B&M Top Tip: don’t forget we also have an awesome and extensive range of bags and backpacks, erasers, sharpeners, arch files and wallets, as well as the latest kids’ books! Browse Stationery online and buy in-store!

What’s your kid’s favourite stationery essential? How important do you think handwriting is to your child’s development? Share your thoughts and best buys with the B&M Community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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