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Pancake Day 2019 - Everything You’ll Need for a Flippin’ Great Time

13 February 2019

Planning a big one this Pancake Day? B&M is totally on board - after all, we reckon it’s one of the most important dates in the calendar! 2019's Shrove Tuesday falls on 5th March, which doesn’t leave you much time to prepare!

Never fear though, to help you get ready for a full on pancake bonanza, we’ve put together this foolproof Pancake Day checklist, which even includes links to where you can find everything. Tick off each item as you find it, then prepare to chow down on as many of the fluffy delights as you want!

The Outfit

Pancake Day - Print Apron - Feb

Pancakes involve flour, and working unprotected with flour often results in messy clothes. Not to worry, you can grab a super cute George Wilkinson Traditional Print Apron from B&M for less than a fiver!

The Implements

2 Equipment - Pancake Day - Feb -

There’s nothing worse (or more embarrassing!) than being stuck high and dry in the kitchen without the right pancake tools. For a fully successful pancake session you will need:

Then simply grab something to mix the batter in and you’re away!

The Ingredients

Pancake Day Ingredients

A basic pancake mix includes:

OR, to save time and cancel out any risk of failure, you can grab a lovely ready-made mix from good old Aunt Bessie - guaranteed to make superb pancakes every time. Finally, if you want to save the hassle of cooking completely, simply grab some delicious pre-made pancakes from Ma Raeburn!

The Toppings

Pancake day - Toppings

This might just be our favourite part! Personalise your pancakes with any of the following:

...the list is endless. The weirder and more wonderful the combination, the more delicious the pancakes. We’re sure that’s how it works.

As you can see, a quick trip to B&M will arm you with everything you could possibly need to throw the perfect pancake party, whether you enjoy them alone, with a partner or with a whole group of friends.

Remember, on the very remote off chance that there’s any left over, homemade pancake mix can last for up to two days as long you keep it well covered and refrigerated.

Happy flipping!

B&M Top Tip: Having friends over? Save on the washing up and grab a selection of cute paper plates and cups - as well as some bright and beautiful bunting - from our Party Shop!

Whipped up something beautiful? Share your pictures and recipes with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 

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