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Scarily Good Halloween Decorating Ideas

02 October 2020


Seeking spooky Halloween decorating ideas to turn your home into a haunted house? Alongside the traditional spider webs and jack o’ lanterns, why not try out some of our favourites:

  • Halloween Christmas trees
  • Halloween wreaths
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Creepy centerpieces
  • Door decorations
  • Floating ghosts
  • Spooky tattered curtains
  • Witch's broom chandelier
  • Bubbling witch's cauldron
  • Halloween garlands

If you’re looking for top tips on how to decorate for Halloween, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or just looking for ways to impress family and friends, here are a few of our top Halloween decorating ideas.

Halloween Christmas Trees

Combine your two favourite holidays with a spooky Halloween themed tree, complete with string lights, bunting, hanging decorations, spider webs and other spooky ornaments.

Halloween Wreaths

Add a touch of drama to your front porch with a spooky wreath! Why not create it in the shape of a giant spider web or add black, green and orange ribbons to woven twigs spray painted black?

B&M Top Tip: You could even create a decoration out of wrapped sweeties!

Pumpkin Carving

Many households display a pumpkin, so why not go all out and arrange jack o’ lanterns throughout your home?

You can choose to make your carvings beautiful, wacky or downright scary! Light tealights inside for a flickering effect - or go for LED candles for a safer option.

Creepy Centerpieces 

If you’re planning a Halloween feast, your table needs to look its scary best! Lay out a themed tablecloth and get to work on your spooky centrepiece!

For a harvest theme, surround a large pumpkin with smaller pumpkins, elegantly displayed twigs featuring autumnal leaves and cold weather flowers.

A simple version of this is to display attractive honeycomb pumpkin decorations.

For something scarier, place a fake skull atop a pile of faux bones. Create a Day of the Dead vibe with some vivid flowers and draping cloth, or scatter creepy critters around the table for a fun touch.

Door Decorations

Place decorations around your front door in anticipation of trick or treating!

Hang up talking, moving decorations to make visitors jump. You can even include a spooky doormat and doorbell or play some halloween sounds.

B&M Top Tip: Place masks or removable stickers in windows so it looks like creepy creatures are staring out!

Floating Ghosts

Ghost decorations can be made from a lightweight sheet! Carefully unwind and shape a wire hanger to form the outline of a head and shoulders, then drape the sheet over, hang up and light from below!

B&M Top Tip: Keep the theme throughout with glowing wall decorations.

Spooky Tattered Curtains

Add some spook-factor to your haunted house by ripping up old white bedsheets and draping them across doors like curtains. 

B&M Top Tip: Include spider webs, string lights and hanging decorations to add to the effect.

Witch's Broom Chandelier

Using strong wire or string, suspend a broom horizontally from your ceiling and hang small lanterns along the handle. It looks really effective!

Bubbling Witch's Cauldron

To make your Halloween cauldron bubble, place an open container of water inside and add a couple of pellets of “dry ice” (be careful to keep this away from children).

B&M Top Tip: For a safe alternative, fill your cauldron with bubble wrap and place some colour changing LED lights inside!

Halloween Garlands

Snake garlands along the baserail of your stairs, hang them over doors or use them as table runners - these decorations are so versatile!

Select from the above tips or come up with your own designs when deciding on Halloween decorating ideas. You can even get the pets involved!

B&M Top Tip: Take a look at our Halloween section for further inspiration.

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