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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Under £10

16 December 2019

In offices all around the country, there are workers stressing about what to buy their secret Santa for Christmas.

Do you get them something funny, caring, boring or cheap? Is there a budget – £5, £10?

Worry no more, as we at B&M HQ have compiled the ultimate list of perfect secret Santa gifts to help you out!

Mrs Hinch Activity Journal

First off, it’s the nation’s favourite cleaner – Mrs Hinch! She has two books for sale, but her second – a journal full of activities to complete at your own leisure, and pages of lists to help keep you organised – is an ideal gift idea.

Priced at just £6, you could pick this up and something else for your secret Santa, if your budget is £10.

Perfect for someone who loves cleaning their home and writing lists!

Stella Artois Beer & Chalice Gift Set

If you’re buying for someone who loves their beer, and in particular Stella Artois, then this beer & chalice gift set is perfect.

It contains four 284ml bottles of Stella and a beautiful chalice for them to drink it in.

Harry Potter Drinking Bottle

With contemporary, sleek design and screw top, the Harry Potter Drinking Bottle is the ideal travel companion.

Perfect for fans of the magical world of Hogwarts, and priced at just £5!

Super Mario Heat Changing Mug

Is your secret Santa a gamer and coffee drinker? Well, this Super Mario Heat Changing Mug is ideal for them.

The exterior of the mug changes to reveal a full side-scrolling level of Super Mario!

Festive Coffees Selection Gift Set

Talking of coffee, why not pick up this Coffee Selection Gift Set? For those who need a cup of the strong stuff before the day begins, this selection is the perfect Christmas gift.

Includes a mint mocha latte, gingerbread latte, cinnamon latte, and Irish cream latte.

Mrs Cuthbert's British Gin Liqueurs Gift Set

This Gin Liqueurs Gift Set includes three unique gins, perfect for cake & gin lovers!

Featuring a rhubarb & custard, parma violet, and lemon drizzle gin. Make sure your secret Santa mixes these with a delicious tonic for the most flavourful gin they’ve ever had.

Candle & Socks Gift Set

No need for a joke gift here, as this Candle & Socks Gift Set is ideal for a relaxing evening at home.

The cosy socks provide supreme comfort to cold toes, while the pomegranate candle releases a stunning aroma into a home.

Whoever you’re buying this for will be extremely grateful!

Captain America Stress Ball

For the stress of the office, this Captain America stress ball would be a good gift for the superhero lover on your team.

Whenever the pressures of daily office life get too much, they can give Cap’s shield a squeeze to relieve some tension!

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*Prices correct as of 16/12/2019

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