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Sensitive Skin & Spots: 5 Myths Debunked by the Skin Experts

30 May 2019

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, our first line of defence in protecting us from harmful bacteria and the physical world.

So it’s important to keep it clean and healthy, from the skin on our faces to the tip of our toes. With a little help from the skin experts at Clean & Clear and Neutrogena, we’ve put together some top tips for people with sensitive skin, along with some myth-busting facts about spots that will help you maintain a better skincare routine.

Look After Your Skin and Your Skin Will Look After You

What are the signs that suggest I may have sensitive skin?

If your skin becomes irritated and sore whenever you come in to contact with daily personal care and household products, you may well suffer from sensitive skin.

Irritation could be anything from a slight tingle or itch, to severely dry patches or a burning sensation. Skin can become red in appearance, cause the affected area to flake/peel, or even become blotchy with raised bumps.*

What can I do to treat sensitive skin?

The appropriate treatment depends on the area of the body the sensitive skin appears (face, hands, arms, legs).

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion has an oil-fighting formula that’s been specially designed for sensitive skin, cleansing effectively to prevent spots and maintain healthy, clean skin.

For hands that suffer from dry skin, Neutrogena Hand Cream is made up of a concentrated formula that needs just a small dab for the instant relief of chapped hands and itchy skin.


B&M Top Tip: look out for products that have ‘sensitive’ or ‘gentle’ on their labels. These will be specially formulated with sensitive skin in mind.

Bursting Those Spot Myths!

1. Chocolate & greasy foods cause spots

This isn’t the case, however it is important to highlight the effect your diet has on your skin. We all know that diet is vital to your general health, and this is no different when it comes to skincare. A balanced, healthy diet and plenty of water (NHS advice is to consume between 6-8 glasses of water per day) will ensure your skin looks and feels healthy.

2. Toothpaste treats spots

If it sounds too strange to be true, it usually is! And this myth most certainly is untrue.

Putting toothpaste on spots will simply cause your skin to dry out. It’s best to stick to products with active spot-fighting ingredients, like Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash.

3. Blackheads are caused by not washing your face

Wrong again! The black part of a blackhead is due to skin pigment, and is not ‘dirt’ as some people might try to tell you!

4. Only teenagers get spots

One of the biggest myths out there. Spots do not have an age limit and adults can be prone to getting spots at any age.

5. Picking a spot will make it go away

Sorry guys! We know it’s not nice waking up to a breakout of spots on a school or work day, but any time spent squeezing in front of the mirror is time wasted – and may actually make you worse off!

Trying to get the goop out of the spot may actually take the skin longer to heal and all that picking can spread bacteria, making it easier for more spots to form.

B&M Top Tip: a daily exfoliator is the best way to keep your skin clean, healthy and help limit the growth of spots. Why not try Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash?

You’ll find lots more skincare tips over at Clean & Clear, from dealing with blackheads and spots to tips on a better daily clear skin routine.

*the above information should not be used in place of professional medical advice. If you experience any of the symptoms described in this article, please consult your local pharmacist or GP.

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