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Small Living Room Ideas: Maximise Your Living Space

08 June 2021

Small Living Room Ideas


Discover small living room ideas courtesy of B&M. You can create the illusion of greater space in any living area with just a few simple home decor tricks. Read on to find out how to:

  • Add a Feature Wall
  • Make the Most of Your Space With Storage
  • Place Mirrors Strategically
  • Space-Friendly Side Tables
  • Select an Eye-Catching Piece of Furniture or Two

If your living area doesn’t offer much in the way of square footage, it doesn’t mean you can’t create the illusion of a much bigger space.

In this article, the team at B&M explain how you can make your sitting room feel bigger with some clever interior design choices. Here are just a few of our favourite small living room ideas.

Add a Feature Wall

Intense colours or busy patterns can make living rooms feel smaller if you use them on every wall. However, you can still go bold with your choices!

We recommend choosing a single wall to serve as a focal point, introducing a splash of colour or an attractive wallpaper on this surface only, then opting for lighter shades or subtle neutrals for the others. 

Your feature wall is also the best place to concentrate accessories like framed pictures and other little touches. It’s usually best to choose a wall that already has a character attribute - such as a fireplace or alcoves.

B&M Top Tip: Create the illusion of high ceilings by choosing a lighter shade up top.

Small Living Room Ideas: Maximise Your Living Space 1

Make the Most of Your Space With Storage

Clever storage will keep your living space free from clutter and help you to win back valuable floor space.

Why not opt for foldable or stackable baskets to serve as decor as well as storage? Hollow ottomans can double as furniture too, and floating shelves will help you to distribute items across your walls instead of crowding the floor.

B&M Top Tip: A stylish floor lamp can be placed anywhere in a room, and does not require an additional surface - so it can help you to save further space and create more light.

Small Living Room Ideas: Maximise Your Living Space 2

Place Mirrors Strategically

Try to invite as much natural light into the space as possible. This will help any room feel bigger and airier.

Mirrors offer a great way to ensure that light travels further around the room - and also add a greater sense of depth.

B&M Top Tip: An ornamental mirror is a great addition to any feature wall.

Space-Friendly Side Tables

You don’t need to go without a coffee table or other handy surfaces if your sitting room is small. 

Nesting tables allow you to access a greater or lesser amount of surface space as and when you need it, while specially designed, modestly-sized side tables can double up as innovative storage.

Small Living Room Ideas: Maximise Your Living Space 3

Select an Eye-Catching Piece of Furniture or Two

A lot of clever space-saving home decor ideas involve drawing the eye towards particular areas.

A great way to do this is with your living room furniture. If you have too many bold or heavily detailed items in a space, it may end up feeling cluttered and cramped. 

Instead, choose just one or two signature pieces, such as a couple of beautiful chairs, and place them strategically to guide focus to a certain spot.

So, for a small living room designed to look bigger, simply choose a feature wall, clever storage, mirrors, featured side tables and a few statement furnishings.


For more small living room ideas, simply browse our range of Furniture today.

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