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Tennis for Beginners: How to Become the Next Federer or Serena

06 July 2018

Wimbledon – the greatest tennis tournament in the world - is well underway with the big-hitters racing through the early rounds.

We’ve been loving the action so far and we bet you have too! All this tennis is probably making you think about picking up a racket and start playing.

For those who don't know their aces from their match points, we've put together some helpful tips so you can get on the road to becoming the next Serena Williams or Roger Federer!

1) Making a Racket

First thing’s first, you’ll need a tennis racket to get started on the court. The good thing with rackets is that you don’t necessarily need the most expensive, high-tech ones to enjoy the game early on.

Kill two birds with one stone with this amazing Tennis Set. It includes two rackets and a pair of balls; a great way to get started as a friend can join you too.

2) Practice Makes Perfect

Now you’ve got your racket and a couple of tennis balls it’s time to start practicing. Have a look on the LTA website, to find your nearest tennis court.

Start off by simply hitting the ball to your friend and get used to making the right contact with the ball. The more you hit it, the better you’ll get!

B&M Top Tip: You will need more than two balls so grab this pack of 12 tennis balls and you won’t need to keep running after the two you have.

3) Warm Up & Cool Down

With all of the running around you’ll be doing, it's important to warm up properly.

Failure to do so could result in pulled, strained muscles and a very stiff set of legs in the morning! Check out the NHS for recommended stretches before taking part in exercise.

4) Hitting the Ball Correctly

When the ball is flying towards you, at first it can be daunting trying to get your body shape right as well as trying to make proper contact with the ball.

You want to try and hit the ball at waist height. Hit through it in order to add more power and accuracy.

B&M Top Tip: One great way to get used to hitting the ball correctly is using a Swing Ball Set. The ball keeps coming round and round so you can improve your forehand and backhand!

5) Improve Your Footwork & Speed

Footwork is hugely important in tennis as it allows you to get around the court quicker. However, it can be tough for people to improve on this.

Pick up a skipping rope and try and go as fast as you can. Your footwork will soon improve!

6) Watch as Much Tennis as You Can

It may sound silly but simply watching the professionals play the game will see you pick up little tricks. Maybe it’s the way Federer glides around the court, or how he positions himself before striking a winner.

Or, you could pick up on something that Serena Williams does while serving that makes her so dominant. Try and pick out little things from your idols' games and try and replicate them on the court!

Do you have any tennis tips for beginners? Let the B&M community know on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram!