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The Best From Our Pancake Day Range: Everything you Need to Make Yummy Pancakes

01 February 2021


Shrove Tuesday is nearly here. This handy article from the team at B&M will help you learn how to make pancakes using affordable, quality ingredients and equipment in order to celebrate Pancake Day. Read on for the following guidance:

  • Buy the right utensils
  • Stock up on ingredients
  • Don't forget your toppings

Shrove Tuesday marks the start of lent, but it’s also well known as Pancake Day!

In this article, the team at B&M explains how to make pancakes using great recipes put together with the help of some of our favourite pancake-making products so that you can celebrate Pancake Day in style.

Buy the right utensils

You really don’t need many tools to whip up a great pancake batter. We recommend that you find:

  • A good set of scales
  • A quality frying pan
  • A spatula
  • A whisk
  • A slotted spoon
  • A mixing bowl
  • Plates and utensils for serving

Stock up on ingredients

Pancake mixes can be made using super easy recipes. It’s simply a matter of finding flour, a pinch of salt and baking powder (if you like fluffy pancakes), then combining these dry ingredients with eggs and milk to form a smooth batter.

Then simply fry in oil or butter, flipping halfway through, and serve with your choice of toppings - sweet or savoury!

If you want an even easier way to make delicious pancakes, you’ll find a range of ready-made pancake mixes available, including fun, colourful options. All you need to do is add milk!

B&M Top Tip: Why not cut out the middleman (and the washing up) and get yourself some delicious ready-to-eat pancakes? They can be served hot or cold.

Don’t forget your toppings

One of the main joys of eating pancakes is the range of lovely toppings you can include!

From classic sugar and lemon juice or golden syrup to sumptuous hazelnut chocolate spread and marshmallows to savoury options like ham and cheddar, goats cheese and grilled balsamic tomatoes or even salmon, dill and creme fraiche, pancakes are perfect for all preferences!

B&M Top Tip: Check out some of our very favourite pancake recipes right here - or invent your own.

So, if you want to know how to make pancakes, remember - there are no hard and fast rules! You can whip up a batter from scratch, buy in a pre-made mix or just grab some ready to eat treats to enjoy without any fuss or mess.

Whatever you decide, make sure you have the right equipment and ingredients in advance - then get to work and celebrate Pancake Day in your own special way.

B&M Top Tip: You’ll find delicious spreads, syrups and sauces in our Tinned, Canned & Packaged Foods section!

Do you have your own special pancake recipe - or are there any particularly weird and wonderful toppings that your family members love? Share them with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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